Parents of Teen Killed in Deliberate 100mph Crash, ‘Hell on Wheels’ Driver Mackenzie Shirilla: ‘Our Son Was Murdered’

The parents of an Ohio teenager who died when Mackenzie Shirilla deliberately crashed her car into a building at 100 mph in an effort to kill her boyfriend say she is a “bully” who “murdered” their son.

Davion Flanagan, who got a second start in life when he and his two brothers were adopted by Jamie and Scott Flanagan after their drug-addicted parents couldn’t care for them, was just 19 years old when he asked Shrilla to take him hapless home. on July 31, 2022.

Prosecutors said Shirilla, 19, crashed into a Strongsville building at 100 mph because she wanted to kill her boyfriend, Dominic Russo, 20, who was also a passenger.

Flanagan, who was in the back seat, and Russo were killed instantly. Shirilla survived and is now in prison. He will be eligible for parole within 15 years.

“Davion was an amazing person, but I didn’t give him any more consideration than a piece of luggage in the back seat,” Jamie Flanagan told the Daily Mail on Saturday.

Jamie and Scott Flanagan with their son Davion, whom they adopted when he was 8 years old. They are speaking out against the “thug” who killed him in a car accident. Facebook/Jaime Doyle Flanagan

The Flanagans didn’t say much during Shirilla’s trial, but they criticize her too light sentence for the fatal crash that she has long claimed was an accident she doesn’t remember.

“Accidents happen, but this was clearly not an accident,” Scott Flanagan said.

“At first we thought maybe it was okay, but when the picture started to paint itself, it became clear: our son was murdered.”

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A photo of Scott and Jamie Flanagan with their son Davion.Jamie and Scott Flanagan with their son Davion, whom they adopted when he was 8 years old. Facebook/Jaime Doyle Flanagan

Shirilla was convicted of double murder, but is serving her sentences for each charge concurrently, meaning she will be eligible for parole in her early 30s.

“We have great faith and so does Davion,” Jamie Flanagan told the outlet. “We are working on forgiveness, but the complete lack of empathy or respect for his life is simply shocking.

“We don’t want revenge, but it is also very difficult to forgive someone who denies it. And she largely denies it.”

Mackenzie Shirilla, who was convicted of two murders but will be eligible for parole in 2037, deliberately drove her vehicle into a building at 100 mph to kill her boyfriend, Dominic Russo, who was also killed in the crash. Mackenzie Shirilla

While Shirilla has steadfastly claimed the crash was an accident, surveillance footage shows her calmly driving her car down several streets before crashing it into the building.

The teen and Russo were fighting and not getting along at the time of the accident, a fact the Flanagans were unaware of.

Shirilla’s car was destroyed in the accident that killed Russo and Flanagan. WKYC

While Davion Flanagan was well-liked at school, Shirilla had a reputation for being a bully, her grieving parents said, describing her as “someone who would be interested in degrading people and humiliating them.”

“She told people they should commit suicide when they were depressed. She was a narcissistic person and not a nice person,” Scott Flanagan said, citing comments from his middle daughter who knew the teenage killer.

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After the accident, the Flanagans said they received flowers from their family.

Shirilla also sent a message of condolence to Jamie Flanagan and one of her daughters, but again insisted the crash was an accident.

The family said they want her to admit what she did and apologize.

“Just admit what you did and apologize for what you did, then start changing,” Scott Flanagan implored. “We are people of faith. We hope Mackenzie changes her mind and becomes a better person.

“But the one we have seen so far is self-centered, selfish and narcissistic.”

Davion Flanagan hoped to be a barber. His parents have created a GoFundMe in his memory. Jardine Funeral Home

The Flanagans now want to keep Davion’s legacy alive by creating a memorial scholarship fund for the barber school he hoped to attend.

“Davion would really love for this to be his legacy. An opportunity to help others. A lot of the time in barber school are kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, not always, but usually they need financial help to be able to follow their dreams,” Scott Flanagan told the Daily Mail.

“Being able to help someone. Davion said we were his second chance, so to be able to give someone else the opportunity to pursue their dreams, he would love it.”

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