Paulina Goto’s parents have proven to be her unconditional support, who are they?

Paulina Goto’s parents have proven to be proud of the actress’s career and their support has been fundamental.

Paulina Goto, Mexican television, film and theater actress, is one of the most promising stars in the entertainment industry.

The young woman has managed to achieve success thanks to her talent and dedication, but also to the unconditional support of her parents.

A United family

Paulina Goto was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, on July 29, 1991. She is the daughter of Eduardo Gómez Gerling and Norma Torres. The family is very close and has always been present in the actress’s career.

Paulina Goto’s parents have different occupations. Eduardo Gómez Gerling is a businessman and Norma Torres is a housewife. They are both very proud of their daughter’s career and have always supported her dreams.

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A fundamental support

Paulina Goto has expressed on several occasions that her parents are her fundamental support.

The actress has said that without their love and support, she would not have been able to achieve everything she has achieved.

Paulina Goto’s family.

It should be noted that Paulina Goto has an older brother whom few know and with whom she shares an important physical resemblance, his name is Eduardo Gómez Torres, he is not a public figure and prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

Likewise, for everyone, Paulina Goto’s parents are an example of unconditional love and support. The actress has been lucky to have them in her career and in her personal life.

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