People ‘can’t even imagine’ scale of Hamas tunnel system in Gaza, says ‘Fauda’ creator

The gigantic web of underground tunnels used by Hamas to transport militants, hostages and weapons beneath the Gaza Strip is “something we can’t even imagine,” according to “Fauda” creator Avi Issacharoff.

Issacharoff, an Arabic-speaking Israeli journalist and former member of an elite Israel Defense Forces unit who co-wrote the award-winning Yes network hit “Fauda,” visited Gaza several times before Hamas took the territory in 2007. According to the Times of Israel.

He said the grid extends beneath the entire length of the 140-square-mile Gaza Strip and gives Hamas the ability to launch rapid, Viet Cong-style attacks against invading Israeli forces.

“It’s very dense, it’s a huge tunnel system that allows Hamas to transport terrorists and hostages, but also motorcycles, artillery and rockets and everything you can imagine,” Issacharoff told media on Sunday while discussing the difficulties of a raid. terrestrial in the dense urban enclave.

He added that those tunnels are exactly where Hamas members fled after the Oct. 7 attack, when they launched rockets into Israel and sent gunmen across the fortified border to kill and kidnap Israeli civilians.

The network of tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip is almost unimaginable, according to former IDF soldier and television writer Avi Issacharoff.IDF/X Issacharoff (left) and “Fauda” co-creator Lior Raz set the third season of its successful program in Gaza. AP

“They all went underground, under the houses of Gaza City,” Issacharoff said, according to the outlet. “They hide behind a human shield.”

Issacharoff and “Fauda” co-creator Lior Raz set the third season of the Netflix show in Gaza, although it was not filmed there because Israelis have been excluded from the land since the Jewish state withdrew its soldiers and settlers in 2005., said the Times of Israel.

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But Gaza has once again become a war zone after the Hamas attack, which sparked the bloodiest fighting between Israelis and Palestinians since Israel’s creation 75 years ago.

Hamas has long used tunnels to transport food, terrorists and weapons back and forth undetected. Getty Images The IDF will have to confront the threat posed by the tunnels as it attempts to crush Hamas following the group’s attack on October 7. Israeli Army/AFP via Getty Images

The Israeli army, which has vowed to crush Hamas, has cut off the northern part of the territory and pounded it with airstrikes ahead of expected ground battles with Hamas terrorists.

Issacharoff said IDF troops are approaching central Gaza City and Shifa Hospital, the city’s largest medical complex, which the IDF says is located above a terrorist headquarters.

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“I swear, every child in Gaza knows there is a Hamas headquarters under Shifa, but no one talks about it,” Issacharoff said, according to the Times of Israel.

The Palestinian death toll has surpassed 10,000 and includes many women and children, according to Hamas officials.

An actor waits for his scene in the hit show “Fauda,” which airs on Netflix. AP The hit show will reportedly return for a fifth season. AP A Palestinian man walks through a smuggling tunnel while repairing it in Rafah, near Gaza’s border with Egypt, January 22, 2009.REUTERS

The situation is likely to get worse as the violence continues, Issacharoff said.

“This is not a surgical operation,” Issacharoff said. “It’s a war. “It is a war in which the enemy has located itself within the local population and that is the goal of Hamas, because it makes the other side look like demons, war criminals.”

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Some 1,400 Israelis have also been killed, most of whom were killed during Hamas’ initial cross-border incursion. Another 240 people have been taken hostage and remain in Gaza.

The tunnels extend beneath the entire 140-square-mile enclave, Issacharoff said. fake images

Issacharoff added that he believes any post-war plan must include the Palestinian Authority, but that would require talks between Israel and the group, which has not yet happened, the outlet said.

“I don’t see any kind of victory coming out of this mess,” Issacharoff said.

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