Perfect beach weather across much of US this Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend is here, but there’s no need to say goodbye to summer just yet.

According to forecasters, there are several more days of beach on the horizon, and the heat and humidity will last a little longer.

The long weekend will become progressively warmer and wetter, said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski, with Monday being the hottest and most humid in the New York City area.

Sunday is expected to be sunny with a high near 90 degrees. Some clouds will appear on Monday, but it will get even hotter, reaching 93 degrees, the National Weather Service forecast.

But beachgoers beware: Hurricane Idalia, which made landfall in Florida on Wednesday as a Category 3 storm, is still churning up waters across the Atlantic, causing dangerous rip currents and strong waves.

Surfing ramps up this weekend as high temperatures hit much of the US, but swimmers should be wary of rough waters after storms off the East Coast.Getty Images
Two women sunbathe on the grass at Tompkins Square Park with other sunbathers nearby.New Yorkers soaked up the sun in Tompkins Square Park this week.Helayne Seidman

“The combination of a couple of storms off the east coast has really stirred up the water,” Pydynowski said. As Idalia made landfall in Florida, Hurricane Franklin was moving up the coast, though the storm remained over the ocean.

The combination means that life-threatening rip currents are possible at beaches along the southern shores of Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, the National Weather Service warned. On the New Jersey shore, the risk level is higher and rip currents are likely.

“The general rule for people (and we always say this, but especially now) is to be careful when going into the water. And they will be, given how hot it is,” Pydynowski said.

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The map shows scorching temperatures across the United States this Labor Day.Temperature records are expected to be broken this holiday weekend as parts of the central and eastern United States burn.FOX Weather
Saturday, Sunday and Monday will bring record-breaking temperatures to the U.S., affecting more than 200 million people, maps show.The eastern half of the country is forecast to experience higher than average temperatures this week, affecting more than 200 million people.FOX Weather
A group of picnic tables filled with beachgoers in the Rockaways.Summer continues in the New York City area this holiday weekend as temperatures on Monday are expected to top 90 degrees with plenty of sunshine and humidity.Getty Images

While the New York City area may be gearing up for holiday baking, temperatures in other parts of the country are rising to potentially record highs.

According to AccuWeather, a heat wave moving east across the Great Plains will scorch from South Dakota to Texas with temperatures in the 100s.

Minneapolis could break or surpass 1925 records with temperatures near 100 degrees.

“The overarching theme for much of the country over the holiday weekend is warmth,” Pydynowski added.

The heat will continue throughout the week, including during the first day back to the city’s public schools on Thursday, when temperatures will hover around 90 degrees.

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