Photo of Ociel Baena and Dorian Daniel Herrera generates controversy on Twitter

Find out the content of the photo of Ociel Baena and his partner Dorian Daniel Herrera, which generates controversy on Twitter and social networks.

A leaked photo of the body of Mexican magistrate Ociel Baena becomes a trend on “X” and social networks, generating different reactions in digital media. Likewise, he was the first person to receive a non-binary passport in the Aztec country.

In these images, the lifeless body of Baena and his partner Dorian Daniel Herrera can be seen, whose action violates article 183 section VI of the penal code of the Mexican state, since it is a crime to disseminate said audiovisual material.

Likewise, the bodies of Baena and Herrera were found inside a house in a group of houses in the Punta del Cielo residential area on Monday, November 13. Likewise, the authorities’ main hypothesis suggests that it was a murder. . .

Photo by Ociel Baena. Photo: Courtesy

The Prosecutor’s Office points out that the electoral court magistrate was murdered with a razor after an argument, however, the authorities continue to investigate a possible suicide or homicide.

Also, the LGBTQIA+ community demands justice, since Baena was one of the main representatives of the movement in Mexico, therefore, his death has generated an impact at a national and international level.

Is it a crime to share Ociel Baena’s photo?

It is known that although deceased people do not have the right to the image, they also do not have the right to honor or privacy, since these are very personal rights, which cease when the death of their owner occurs.

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However, this does not mean that the honor, privacy and image of the deceased cannot be defended, since the law stipulates otherwise.

Photo by Ociel Baena and Dorian Daniel Herrera. Photo: Social networks

Therefore, the natural or legal persons that the deceased designated in his will may defend his honor and image, but if no one has been designated, the spouse, ascendants, descendants and siblings may exercise protection.

However, the video and images broadcast will not be shared in this note, since the dissemination of this material or audiovisual content is a crime.

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