Photo shows hidden iPhone allegedly placed in American Airlines bathroom used by teen: family

A newly released photo from the hidden camera that allegedly captured a 14-year-old girl using the bathroom on an American Airlines flight shows how an iPhone was taped to the toilet lid, her parents said Wednesday.

The concerned parents, who did not want to be identified because their daughter is a minor, told the Post that they did not immediately realize that their daughter was possibly attacked by a flight attendant during a Sept. 2 trip from Charlotte, Florida. North Carolina. , to Boston.

But they both firmly believe he carried out the alleged nefarious deed that they described as “disturbing.”

“I think she’s very angry, like us, that something like this could happen,” her father said.

“I think there is a real feeling of violation. “I think as a teenager he’s a little embarrassed that something as intimate as going to the bathroom was filmed this way.”

Most of the iPhone appears to be taped to the toilet lid in the first-class bathroom, according to a photo taken by the teen and provided by the family’s legal team at Lewis & Llewellyn.

The red and white tape has “Catering Equipment Inoperative” and “Remove from Service” printed on it with a note written in marker that says “Seat Broken.” Only the top of the iPhone, which was upside down, is not covered with tape, and it appears that the flashlight or camera flash was on.

Lawyers for the family provided the Post with a photograph of their boarding passes, which matches American Airlines Flight 1441 that authorities previously confirmed they were investigating.

The photo released by the family’s legal team shows where the iPhone was hidden behind tape on the toilet seat. Image provided

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The family said their daughter was originally waiting in line to go to the bathroom in the coach section of the plane when the flight attendant approached her. He told her there was no line to go to the first-class bathroom and took her there, her parents said.

After another passenger left that bathroom, the attendant, estimated to be in his 30s, told the girl that she needed to quickly use the bathroom to wash her hands before picking up the trash. When she left, the teen came in and used the bathroom. But when he blushed, he saw the iPhone and took a photo.

After returning to her seat, the same flight attendant returned to the bathroom, her parents said.

The teen immediately showed the photo to her mother, and it took her several minutes to understand what she was seeing before her daughter pointed out the iPhone.

“It’s something you’ve never considered before and it was really shocking,” his mother said.

An American Airlines plane.American Airlines did not respond to an email seeking comment. EPA

The mother feared the item was still attached to the bathroom, so she ran to first class to warn other passengers. She stopped a woman from entering and explained the situation, but when the two checked, the iPhone and tape were gone.

The girl’s father then showed the photo to the four flight attendants, including the male crew member, hoping for an explanation.

“I remember seeing the flight attendant’s face turn completely white,” the father recalled, noting that they didn’t see the man for the rest of the flight after that.

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A flight attendant approached the family at some point to apologize and express her displeasure over the alleged incident, the family said.

Massachusetts State Police initially responded to the plane after it landed, although state troopers said federal authorities are now handling the case.

The FBI’s Boston field office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts declined to comment Wednesday.

No arrests have been announced in connection with the case.

Not much information has been released about the case, with state authorities only telling Charlotte-based WSOC that the incident involved a “minor, a flight attendant and a cell phone.”

A first class passenger first told Boston 25 about the alleged incident last week.

As authorities interviewed the family after the flight, an airline representative confirmed to authorities that only the flight crew would have access to the bureaucracy seen in the photo, the father said.

Police also brought an iPhone to the teen, who confirmed it was the same phone she saw in the bathroom, the family said.

The family were the first passengers taken off the flight and then saw the alleged creepy attendant being escorted away.

“I was looking at him and he wouldn’t look back,” the father said.

An American Airlines employee defrosts a plane at New York's Laguardia Airport.Massachusetts State Police initially responded to the plane after it landed, although state troopers said federal authorities are now handling the case.REUTERS

One of the family’s attorneys said American Airlines has not contacted its customers since the day of the incident.

“It is shocking that a sexual predator could brazenly attack a minor while she was using the bathroom on a flight,” Paul T. Llewellyn, a partner at Lewis & Llewellyn, said in a statement.

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“This outrageous act should never have happened and must never happen again.”

American Airlines did not respond to an email seeking comment Wednesday, but previously said it was taking the alleged incident “very seriously.”

The parents said that while their daughter is one of the toughest people they know, she is dealing with “a lot of different emotions” after the incident.

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