Police pull screaming woman from burning crash after chase exceeds 100 mph: video

Heartbreaking video shows the moment a Georgia police officer pulls a screaming woman from a fiery crash after a high-speed chase that topped 100 mph.

Newly released footage from the Cobb County Police Department’s dash and body cameras captured Officer Clay Musselman’s heroic actions on Oct. 13, when a speeding driver passed him on a Georgia highway.

Musselman gives chase, but is soon told by a desk sergeant to leave and get back to work instead of pursuing the vehicle.

However, moments later the police officer sees the flames.

“The vehicle is completely sunk,” he says over the radio.

Musselman stops and gets out, approaching the burning wreckage while using a flashlight to search for the driver in a wooded area on the side of the road.

“Incoming units, I can’t tell if there’s anyone still in the vehicle or not,” the officer tells the dispatcher as he approaches the wreckage.

Cobb County, Georgia, police officer Clay Musselman began pursuing a speeding driver and passed him at more than 100 mph on October 13, but his desk sergeant told him to move away and He then found the burning remains. Cobb County Police Department

That’s when he hears the woman’s cries for help from inside the flames.

“You can go out?” he shouts at the raging fire, then radios: “2316, they’re still in the vehicle.”

Mussleman breaks the car window and tells the woman, “Get out, get out.”

“I can’t,” the woman screams. “My arms broke. Please help me. Can’t”

The policeman responds: “You have to do it, come on.”

Cobb County Police Officer Clay Musselman hears the screams, breaks the window of the burning car and grabs the woman inside, who just minutes earlier had walked away from him on a local road. Cobb County Police Department. Cobb County Police Officer Clay Musselman grabs the woman and drags her away. away from the completely submerged vehicle. Police said the woman, who was not identified, suffered a broken arm and hip after speeding away from the officer. Cobb County Police Department

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He then grabs the woman by her good arm and drags her across the grass and away from the flames.

Cobb County police said the driver was treated for a broken arm and hip at a nearby hospital.

The department said the woman had been “driving erratically” at speeds “in excess of 100 mph,” but did not release the woman’s name or say whether she was charged with eluding an officer.

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