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If you were wondering if remote work might be right for you, 2020 has brought us the best work-from-home experience ever. And boy, was that not an easy change when it comes to organizing your work processes. According to tech forums, many people had stability and performance issues with their laptops and desktops, which had previously only been used for entertainment. As a freelancer with 5 years of remote work experience, I’d be happy to share with you my tips and tricks on preparing your computer for long hours of work.

Key to optimal computer performance

Even the most sophisticated and expensive computers experience reduced performance issues. Over time, computers accumulate browser cache files, temporary files, website cookies, and all that jazz we call junk. These folders can take up to 3 GB of free space in a few months, judging from my personal experience. Unused apps, too many services running at startup and in the background can cause performance issues and make your remote work a nightmare.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy a new computer. The key to optimal performance is regular computer maintenance. It may seem like a daunting task, especially for inexperienced computer users, but there’s more good news for you: there are special applications that can perform these tasks. In this article, I am going to cover one such application that I personally use to ensure smooth performance of my PC – it is called Outbyte PC Repair.

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Step 1 – Prepare your PC for remote work with Outbyte PC Repair

If your computer isn’t fresh out of the box, it might be a good idea to clean it. Removing junk along with unnecessary files and apps will improve your overall performance, making working from home a more enjoyable experience.

Outbyte PC Repair is equipped with a comprehensive scanner that will check your system and recommend improvements to be made to your device. I use it at least twice a month to make sure my laptop is in top condition. Fixes are applied immediately, which is great for impatient guys like me.

Here are some of Outbyte PC Repair’s scanning features:

  • Application crash reports. Later, you can decide if certain apps need to be updated or reinstalled based on how often they crash.
  • Disk space. This is where I get rid of junk files and free up space.
  • Objectionable websites. Outbyte PC Repair checks your browsing history and highlights potentially harmful websites with the help of Web Of Trust database.
  • Privacy protection. Check for targeted ads, weak and compromised passwords, and annoying website notifications.
  • vulnerabilities. Together with your favorite antivirus, Outbyte will prevent malicious and unwanted applications from exploiting your computer. I personally feel that having an extra layer of security helps me sleep better at night.

The scanner presents all the information in a clear and concise report. In case you’re wondering what these categories mean, PC Repair includes a brief description and helpful tips. I found them especially useful when I first used the program.

Once the scan is complete, you can select the categories you want to fix or just fix them all together with the click of a button. Quite convenient and saves a lot of unnecessary hustle.

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So, by cleaning and repairing your computer, we’ve completed the first step of getting your main tool ready for work. Now, all that’s left to do is optimize it!

Step 2: Improve your computer’s performance with Outbyte PC Repair

My top 3 priorities when working on my computer is that I can safely browse the web, use online services, and attend client meetings without any issues. To make sure of that, I did two things: First, I established a good Internet connection in my home office. Second, I enabled Real Time Boost in Outbyte PC Repair for my browser and MS Office programs. According to Outbyte engineers, the software modifies your CPU usage in a way that it prioritizes the program you are currently using over other services. This ensures lag-free performance. I personally noticed that now my Skype crashes less than before.

There are other useful features that don’t affect my work directly; however, they are a good complement to my daily activities. Since my Outbyte test, I’ve enabled an Outbyte safe web search to alert me if I’m about to visit a dangerous website, and it’s worked pretty well ever since. Again, better safe than sorry.

Another useful feature is laptop battery optimization: it can save and distribute power to extend the life of your laptop in case you’re away from your charger. However, since I started practicing social distancing, I use it less frequently since my travel destination is now my bus or my office.

Bottom line

While working from home is a temporary solution for most people, in the long run, it could change the way most businesses operate. No matter what, with Outbyte, you can now focus on your tasks instead of troubleshooting and cleaning up your computer.

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