Nicole Dube leaving CTV News? Where does she go for a new job?

In order to succeed in life, sometimes we need to take a difficult step. It is not easy to say goodbye to colleagues and sign while we settle into our work. It is always quite a bold decision to leave your comfort zone for a new opportunity and many people make this decision to do something new and good in their life. However, this decision is quite hard for a new representative since it is not easy to say goodbye to the station where they feel comfortable. But in the last few months, we constantly hear news that many people are leaving their jobs to work on their new projects.

Nicole Dube leaving CTV News?

It seems that Nicole Dube is also planning something similar. As the rumors that she is leaving CTV News are quite high on social media and people are speculating that she is planning to leave the station. Now, with this news, many people are looking to know if it is really true and, if so, where will she go and what will her new job and project be. Her audience is saddened to think that it is the end of an era for a beloved journalist. Unfortunately this news is true and she is ready to say goodbye to the station. She is eager to start a new chapter of her life and so they ask her audience to show her her strength.

nicole dube

Nicole Dube is known as one of the most talented reporters who started her career at CTV in the year 2013 as a social media reporter. She worked very well and after showing her dedication and skills, she transitioned to become the co-host of CTV Morning Live in the summer of 2016. She was well qualified for this position as she completed her BA in Journalism from Ryerson University. She brings to the role her experience of over a decade in broadcast journalism and television. She speaks French and English quite fluently, which shows that she has impressive communication skills.

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nicole dube

Now, talk about the rumors of Nicole leaving the station started after she made a Tweet. According to a tweet from Nicole Dube herself, she is in fact saying goodbye to CTV News. In her Tweet, she expresses her gratitude for her time on CTV Morning Winnipeg. She further added that she has had the most rewarding role in her 20-year career in the media. She though she also mentions that after 10 years of morning news, now is the time to say goodbye and much needed to end this chapter. However, she didn’t particularly mention her new project.

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