Remember when a Bengaluru woman sued IKEA after she was charged Rs 20 for a carry-on bag and received Rs 3,000 in return?

It is a familiar scenario for many, especially for desi, when you go shopping at an exclusive shopping center. That slight shiver when the cashier asks the question, “Do you want a carry bag?” It’s not just about convenience; it’s also about the price tag attached to that branded paper bag.

However, in a remarkable turn of events, this year came news that a woman’s decision not to opt for the paper bag became a turning point in her legal battle against one of the largest furniture retail giants. big in the world.

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Who sued IKEA?

According to the PTIThe driving force behind the successful legal campaign was revealed to be Sangeetha Bohra.

What was the trigger?

Bengaluru woman wins Rs 3,000 for Rs 20 carry bag after suing IKEA

A heated situation developed at an IKEA store when a customer, like any other shopper, arrived at the check-in counter to discover an additional charge of Rs 20 for a carry bag. This unexpected fee sparked the woman’s anger, prompting her to take the matter to court.

Bohra, upset over the additional charge, formally filed a complaint with the consumer court, highlighting the issue of the store imposing a fee of Rs 20 for a paper bag.

As reported by PTI, Bohra confronted the store staff after being subjected to an additional charge. Prompted by her discontent, she argued that imposing an additional fee was an unfair business practice. Additionally, she stressed that she had not been informed of this extra charge before making the purchase.

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Where did the incident take place?

The incident took place at the IKEA Nagasandra branch in Bengaluru.

Why did the court rule in favor of the client?

Bengaluru woman wins Rs 3,000 for Rs 20 carry bag after suing IKEA

During that same month of the incident, Bohra proceeded to file a formal complaint with the Consumer Commission. Bolstering his case, he asserted that the practice of charging for the carrier amounted to a “deficiency in service and an unfair trade practice.”

In a significant turn of events, the commission ruled in agreement, finding the additional charge an “unfair trade practice.” The Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Shanthinagar, Bengaluru, stated in its verdict: “We are shocked to observe the kind of service provided by these big shopping malls/showrooms…deficiencies in service were committed by the opposite party and unfair business practices and the The plaintiff is obliged to be compensated.”

However, IKEA maintained: “It does not make any sales of products that have hidden charges or hide information from its consumers or practice any practices that could be considered a breach of trust or an unfair commercial practice.”

How much did you earn?

Bengaluru woman wins Rs 3,000 for Rs 20 carry bag after suing IKEA

As per the Bengaluru Court ruling, IKEA was ordered to comply with the judgment within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase receipt.

The company was held liable to refund to the customer the collected amount of Rs 20, along with applicable interest.

Furthermore, they were required to compensate the client with Rs 1,000 for damages and Rs 2,000 to cover expenses incurred during the litigation process.

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