Ricardo Cañón dies, who was the Mexican keyboardist and comedian and member of Cosos Cañón?

Keyboardist Ricardo Cañón died and his son was the one who informed him through his social networks. Find out who this Mexican character was.

The news of the death of Ricardo Cañón has come to shock many Mexicans, who at one time were fans of this iconic keyboard player, who had more than 48 years of experience in the world of music and comedy.

Through his social networks, Cañón’s son reported the death of his father, and although he did not give details about the cause of death, the news shocked many, since just two days ago an interview that both had was published. . with Fernando Lozano.

On the YouTube channel, Fernando Lozano TV, he was a guest.Cosos Canyon‘, the comedy group that made up father and son. The interview so far has more than 40 thousand views and in it, the two Mexicans talk about their careers and how the project they had came about.

A few hours after the interview premiered, the comedian’s son reported that his father died at the age of 76.

“Today my best friend, companion and best Father is leaving. Give him love as you always did, which he loved. I have nothing left to thank him for so much. I love you and then we will see each other to continue where we left off.” building a dream” RIPThe most famous Keyboardist on social networks!”

Their show was basically Cosos doing a ‘live comedy, where the Mexican talked about funny things on stage and in front of the audience, however it was the interaction with his father that characterized the act.

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In a curious combination, the keyboard melody accompanied the comedy in the most appropriate way, creating many opportunities for laughter.

With this group called ‘Cosos Cañón’, father and son traveled throughout Mexico to give shows to different audiences.

It should be noted that before this, Ricardo Cañón was already a well-known name, who began his career in the 80s.

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