RIP: How did Shane Lowry’s Uncle Jimmy Lowry die? Tribute after uncle’s death

Jimmy Lowry was a person committed to his local club. He recently passed away. People want to know more about the incident. You will get complete details about the incident in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Jimmy Lowry’s Professional Background:

Jimmy Lowry’s father settled in Ferbane. He came from Tubber via Manchester. He was known to be Shane Lowry’s uncle. He is also called a true soldier, as he served his team and did a lot for his community. He used to set up all the equipment, organize events, train and guide. The Ferbane community mentions that it is a great loss for the Ferbane GAA community. He will be remembered in the hearts of his loved ones.

Shane Lowry Uncle Jimmy Lowry

Death and obituary of Jimmy Lowry:

Jimmy Lowry was the uncle of a famous golfer Shane Lowry. Everyone is mourning the loss of a great personality. We still don’t have much information about his death. The reason for his death has not yet been identified. Sources say that he was not going through any illness. His death was sudden and unexpected. Shane sports a green and white ribbon on his hat in memory of Jimmy Lowry.

Shane Lowry Uncle Jimmy Lowry

Jimmy Lowry was proud to be associated with GGA at Ferbane, Offley. He devoted the maximum time of his to the organization. He worked as a Safety Officer and remained on the Ferbane Hurling Committee. People are also interested in knowing more about his family. Let’s take a look at Jimmy Lowry’s family and loved ones.

Jimmy Lowry’s parents:

Jimmy Lowry’s mother’s name is Margaret Lowry and his father’s name is Edward Lowry. They were three brothers. Sean and Brendan were his two brothers. His success and achievement at Ferbane GAA will always be remembered. His father worked at ESB Power Station. He spent a few years in England. All three were highly regarded, footballers. They have won All-Ireland senior football championship medals.

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Everyone in the community appreciates your efforts in the GAA community. Although his siblings are better known than him, the respect he has earned is unmatched. In the 1970s and 1980s, he was part of the Great Offley Dynasties. Fans are sending condolences to his family. The family wants to keep it private and has asked for some space. They are going through difficult times. They might open up even more about his death after a while.

Until then, the reason for his death will remain a mystery. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Read on for more updates.

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