Russell McVeagh scandal and allegations explained

The news about the couple of the former Russell McVeagh has spread on the internet. The public has been very interested in this matter. They like to know why he’s been suspended. They are scouring the internet for new updates and information so they can learn the reason behind the suspension. The man whose misconduct served as a focal point of the MeToo crisis in the New Zealand legal community has been banned from the bar for two years.

Russell McVeagh scandal and accusations

Russell McVeagh’s former partner, who was found guilty of misconduct for abusing summer interns, has been given a two-year suspension from the legal profession rather than fired. However, the disciplinary panel that decided the sentence of James Gardner-Hopkins warned him that if he does not address the root causes of his behavior during that period, it is “extremely doubtful” that he will regain his license to practice. James Gardner-Hopkins was found guilty of six counts of misconduct by the New Zealand Solicitors and Carriers Disciplinary Tribunal in June last year. The charges related to his conduct toward four summer employees at an off-site Christmas party and consensual interactions with a fifth summer employee at the “team” Christmas party hosted by the attorney’s home.

Russell McVeagh

In 2018, Newsroom revealed that a group of summer paralegals in Wellington had been sexually assaulted and harassed while working for the firm two summers earlier. The revelations sparked marches against sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as damning criticism of Russell McVeagh’s handling of the allegations. One woman described feeling like a field mouse being chased by a tiger at a company Christmas party during a week-long court hearing, and another witness said employees were treated as if they were “broken and distraught” when they met. they approached Russell McVeagh with their concerns.

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Russell McVeagh

In deciding on Gardner-Hopkins’s sentence, the court stated that it had to take into account what was “proportionate and fair to be imposed six years after the events in question” and whether he had changed his lifestyle enough to continue serving. as a lawyer. and attorney. Since he had been deemed unfit to practice at the time of the offence, it was recognized that the starting point had to be the strike-off. The fact that Gardner-Hopkins had inappropriately treated four different women and the disparity in power between him and his victims, who viewed his summer internship as “a three-month job interview,” were factors. aggravating factors.

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