Sam Altman, creator of ChatGPT, warns of possible job losses, but highlights a silver lining

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s visit to India has provided candid insights into the state of AI during his ongoing six-country tour.

In a recent interview with The Economic Times, Altman openly acknowledged the potential job losses that AI could bring, stressing that it will also create new employment opportunities, as has been the case with previous technological advances.

Altman expressed his belief that labor markets have historically adapted to disruptions in about two generations, indicating that they will likely navigate AI-driven changes.

Altman emphasized that AI should be seen as a tool to empower and improve human capabilities rather than make them obsolete or unnecessary.

“Every technological revolution leads to a job change. In two generations, we can adapt to any change in the labor market, and there are new jobs, and they are usually better. That is going to happen here too. Some jobs are going to disappear.” . . There will be new and better jobs that today are hard to imagine,” he said.

Altman acknowledged that he could not accurately predict the pace of change, as it would depend on several factors, including “the socio-economic contract and the way governments think about (this disruption).”


Altman expressed optimism about the potential success of government-funded AI projects in India. He welcomed the ongoing discussions around AI regulation in various countries, and stressed the importance of government intervention.

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Speaking about the risks posed by deepfakes and other fraudulent activities, Altman expressed confidence that technology would rise to the challenge and offer solutions to establish authenticity.

Contrary to concerns about the extinction of AI, Altman emphasized the rapid iteration of the technology, noting its unpredictable rate of advancement that exceeds current perceptions.

Altman, the maverick who dropped out of Stanford University and became a technological visionary, made a bold proclamation in favor of “sovereign” research on artificial intelligence (AI) while highlighting the critical role of AI projects funded by government.


Acknowledging the concern many nations have about entrusting life-defining technology to the sole ownership of a select few foreign companies, Altman advocated a more balanced approach.

In this context, he pointed to India as fertile ground for innovative achievements through its strategic adoption of government-backed AI initiatives.

Altman’s words resonate as a rallying cry for nations to forge their paths in AI and assert their position in shaping the future.

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