SEE: Hareem Shah and Fazlur Rehman’s viral video sparks outrage online

In this article, we are going to share with you some very shocking news. The most famous Pakistani tiktoker is concerned about the controversy. This news is going viral on the internet. This news has created many controversies. He recently claimed that he will expose Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Mufti Qavi. This news has given a great scare to his fans. Now people want to know about him and people want to know about this whole case. So we are here to give you all the information about this controversy. So, read the entire article till the end to know everything about this controversy.

shah of the harem

Viral video of Hareem Shah and Fazlur Rehman

Hareem Shah, a popular Pakistani TikTok user, returns with another warning for respected political and religious figures in that country. On Twitter once again, Shah announced that he will expose Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Mufti Abdul Qavi. Shah has a history of openly threatening prominent people from all walks of life by promising to release intimate and private films. Rana Sanaullah, a senior PML-N leader, was the target of Shah’s earlier caustic comments.

This time, the social media celebrity sparked debate by criticizing Mufti Qavi for claiming that the Nikkah of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his third wife, Bushra Bibi, is “null and void.” The social media influencer claimed that she had shared a private video of her slapping the religious priest in a bedroom as revenge, despite the fact that Hareem had nothing to do with Qavi’s comments. Shah, the leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party, told Maulana Fazlur Rehman that she would reveal Rehman’s real nature in front of the masses tomorrow, May 15 at 11 am, and threaten to expose the corrupt and illegal behavior. of the. relations

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Though unfortunate, Shah’s remarks received mixed responses from Twitterati, with some praising her for exposing people in authority who were abusing their position and others denouncing her for smearing holy people to gain notoriety. However, Mufti Abdul Qavi has already been caught up in a similar drama. An online celebrity named Qandeel Baloch has already accused Qavi of making similar claims. The internet also investigated him for his role in Baloch’s death. So this was all about this case. We have shared all the news about this case. We will soon share some more updates on this case on this very page. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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