Sonja Moen death and obituary: Spencer Moen arrested on suspicion of murder

The focus of this article is Sonja Moen’s obituary and cause of death. Everyone seems to have been startled and heartbroken by Sonja Moen’s passing, and they are all interested in finding out more information. Moen is being held at the Cass County Jail. Investigations are being conducted by West Fargo police into a woman’s death that happened in the 1100 block of Eaglewood Avenue West. Let’s dive in and discover more about Sonja Moen’s obituary and cause of death.

Sonja Moen’s Death and Obituary

Sonja Moen, a resident of West Fargo, North Dakota, has been implicated in the tragic incident that occurred on Thursday. The specifics of Sonja Moen’s obituary have not yet been made public by her family. A man from West Fargo, North Dakota, who was 31 years old is said to have slain Sonja Moen, who was 31 years old. On August 10, 2023, at roughly 7:38 am, the incident took place. The West Fargo Police Department responded to a medical emergency in the 1100 block of Eaglewood Avenue West. Responding authorities found Sonja deceased inside the residence. The preliminary investigation and the gathering of evidence at the scene led to the arrest of Spencer Moen, 31, of West Fargo, North Dakota, on suspicion of murder.

When police arrived at the house, Spencer reportedly became aggressive, according to officials. A woman who was at the residence reportedly tried to explain the situation to the police, but Moen continually interjected, compelling them to meet with her in the garage, according to court filings. The woman informed the police that Moen and another man had consumed alcohol earlier in the day while watching the Vikings play, and they had then come home highly inebriated. In her statement to the police, the woman said that she had overheard a dispute between the two men in the garage and had gone to check when she had discovered Spencer standing over the other man with his arm around his neck.

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After that, she dialed 911. Spencer refuted any claims of violence during his conversation with the police, claiming that their activities were merely “playful wrestling around.” However, the authorities noticed that the second man had facial injuries, including a bloodshot eye. The victim told the investigators that Moen had pushed and mounted him on the ground even though he had no recollection of being choked. Red lines that indicated pressure could be observed on the man’s neck. Moen was taken into custody on grounds of serious domestic assault. The murder case is currently under investigation, thus no more comments can be given at this time. This case will be handled by the Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office.

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