Stephen Bear Jailed for Sharing Georgia Harrison’s ‘Secret Garden S*x Video’ on O*lyF@ns

The famous British TV star, Stephen Bear, is constantly in the news. The spotlight is really important for stars, be it good or bad, as it helps them stay in the talk of the public. But mostly negative limelight gets a lot of attention and that’s why many people create such scenarios that landed them in the news. But sometimes few people do those things on purpose despite knowing that they are doing what is legally and morally wrong. Something similar is happening with Stephen Bear, who is currently facing a lot of backlash and criticism for his mistake that he made on purpose.

Stephen Bear was recently arrested for sharing Georgia Harrison’s “Secret Garden S*x Video” on an adult website. Although people did not take the matter lightly and asked the police to take strict action against him. The report states that now the court found him guilty of his “Revenge P**n” and he is now behind bars. The video went viral on social media and people are sharing it with each other as well. Now those who have seen the video know that he had been seen having sex with his ex-girlfriend.

Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison

The 33-year-old actor reportedly shared CCTV footage of him and his co-star Georgia and this video was posted on Onlyfans. Everyone knows that OF is an adult website and it is mostly recognized as a p**n website. Now speaking of his incarceration, he has been behind bars for 21 months. Most of the fans of him are shocked and want the police to release him, they are doing a great job and there is no chance of him getting out of jail anytime soon.

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He has to stay in jail for 1 year and 75 days. Many of the Love Island, Georgia star’s fans are happy with his arrest. Initially, Bear, 32, had denied allegations that included voyeurism and 2 counts of sharing private and sexual photos and movies. Now, he has been found guilty on all 3 counts in this “p**n revenge” trial. The aforementioned incident occurred in Stephen Bear’s garden in the month of August 2022 and the TV star later shared this video on his OF account and won at least £40,000. He wrote the caption for the video “secret garden s*x video”.

Stephen Bear and Georgia Harrison

After seeing his name in the news, many people start searching for more information about him which we already shared in the above blog. Hopefully, his arrest will be a lesson to others who capture their partner’s private moment without his consent and post it online without telling him. This kind of crime needs to stop and hopefully you will get a lesson from this.

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