‘Stroke of luck’: A UK man had canceled his ill-fated Titanic trip, citing safety concerns

In the tapestry of life, moments defy explanation, instances where the threads of fate intertwine in unexpected ways. Among these mysterious occurrences, one phenomenon stands out: the stroke of luck.

Chris Brown, a billionaire thrill seeker and leading figure in the digital marketing industry, recently made headlines after revealing his decision to pull out of the ill-fated Titanic submersible expedition.

Lost Submarine of the Titanic

Brown, 61, had initially invested a substantial $10,000 deposit for the venture, joining his close friend Hamish Harding, the 58-year-old British billionaire who, along with four others, remains missing.

Hamish Harding: the British explorer who disappeared at sea near the TitanicHamish Harding: the British explorer who disappeared at sea near the Titanic

Brown’s apprehension arose when he discovered that OceanGate’s 21-foot Titan submersible, intended for the daring expedition, was built using off-the-shelf components.

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He became increasingly concerned about the safety of the project due to what he believed to be cutbacks in the assembly of the submarine.


“I found out they used old scaffolding poles for the sub’s ballast, and their controls were based on computer game-style controllers.” the surprised would-be explorer told the UK newspaper.

OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, also one of the missing people, showed the controller to a surprised CBS News reporter.

The controller in question is a gray device known as the Logitech G Wireless Gamepad F710. It is a third-party device released in 2010 and can now be purchased for $40 or even less. The video clip of the demonstration has gained a lot of attention online.

“Eventually, I emailed them and said, ‘I can’t go on with this anymore.'” Brown told the Sun, fearing that OceanGate was “cutting too many corners”.

“I asked for a refund after being less than convinced.”

Brown mentioned that he and Harding decided to embark on the Titanic voyage after enjoying drinks at a party on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island in 2016.

They each paid a 10% deposit for the trip, which at the time cost $100,000. However, the price has now risen to $250,000.

Extensive rescue efforts continue as 30 air hours remain on missing submarineaccess point

“I was one of the first people to sign up for this trip with OceanGate while the sub was being developed.” Brown said of his aborted mission to view the wreckage of the Titanic 2.4 miles below sea level.

As he monitored the Titan’s voyage, he became increasingly concerned due to failed missions and the submersible’s inability to reach its intended destinations.

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The submersible has been missing since Sunday.

He “I decided the stakes were too high in this case, even though I’m not one to avoid risk.”

He finds himself in anticipation as rescuers work against the clock to locate the Titan.

The submersible’s oxygen supply is expected to run out on Thursday morning. Recent events on Tuesday revealed that a Canadian plane involved in the search detected periodic “bumps” every 30 minutes in the vicinity, raising hopes of locating the submarine.

The submarine is also carrying French Titanic expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet, businessman Shahzada Dawood and Dawood’s 19-year-old son Sulaiman.

If the search is successful, it will be the most important recovery mission ever undertaken.

“I feel really upset about Hamish,” Brown told the Sun newspaper about the billionaire he first met during a 2016 expedition to the South Pole, where he was accompanied by space pioneer Buzz Aldrin.

“One thing is for sure, Hamish is not the type to panic. He will be extremely calm and process plans, schemes and ideas through his huge brain.” predicted.

“I hope it will be a calming influence on the others on the sub and give them hope.”

According to the latest information, US Coast Guard Captain Jamie Frederick reported that Canadian planes picked up unidentified sounds on Tuesday and Wednesday. Given this, he expressed the importance of maintaining hope.

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