Summer diet: 5 foods to avoid to protect your skin from breakouts

The fact that what we eat affects our skin is true. Choosing healthy foods and drinks can help achieve healthy, glowing skin. Scroll down to find out more.

STRUGGLE with skin care concerns like acne, blackheads, breakouts, redness, and irritation are common during the summer. Hot and humid temperatures can make sensitive skin more prone to various skin care problems. There can be various reasons for acne or breakouts such as hormonal changes, the foods we eat, and lifestyle choices. The foods we eat can have a big impact on the overall health of the skin and tend to make the skin healthy or worse. If you are someone who is struggling with skin problems like acne, acne, inflammation, and others, here are some foods to avoid in the summer to prevent breakouts.

Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Skin from Summer Breakouts

1. Handles

Mangoes are the favorite summer fruits. Although they are delicious, some people may experience an allergic reaction when they touch mangoes. Mango skin contains a chemical called urushiol that is also found in poison ivy and poison oak, Healthline states. Many skin care experts suggest that people prone to acne, breakouts, or skin sensitivity should avoid eating too many mangoes, as high mango consumption can lead to high sebum release, which can clog pores. and cause skin breakouts.

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2. Fatty foods

Regular or excessive consumption of fatty foods can put the skin at greater risk of acne and breakouts. The skin already becomes oilier due to the increased production of oil in the sebaceous glands in summer. On top of this, consuming fried or oily foods can lead to excessive sebum production which can lead to various skin care problems.

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3. High caffeine

Consuming too much caffeine can be harmful to the skin. It can cause blood vessels to constrict and reduce collagen production in the skin. This can cause the skin to wrinkle prematurely. It can slow down the delivery of antioxidants and nutrients to the body and skin.

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4. Sugary foods and drinks

A diet high in sugar can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, and an increased risk of heart disease. Excessive sugar consumption can trigger and aggravate acne and eczema. People suffering from skin inflammation should consume sugar in limited amounts. A diet high in refined carbohydrates, including sugary foods and drinks, has been associated with an increased risk of developing acne, Healthline states.

5. Spicy foods

Spicy foods can cause inflammation in the gut, which can upset the stomach and lead to acid reflux, bloating, and other related digestive health issues. An unhealthy digestive system can lead to skin problems like acne, breakouts, or even eczema.

(Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment.)

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