Tamil Nadu bus driver gets emotional on retirement day, kisses the steering wheel and hugs the bus he drove for decades

Leaving decades of your life behind is never easy. Retirement days are emotional and tearful for most people. Saying goodbye to decades of camaraderie at work brings some emotional feelings to the surface. Something of the sort conspired when a state bus driver in Tamil Nadu was given the chance to say his last goodbye to the bus he had driven for years.

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Tamil Nadu bus driver says goodbye to the bus on his retirement day

Tamil Nadu bus driver hugs and kisses the bus on retirement dayTwitter

A clip of the moment between the bus driver and his trusty vehicle is going viral on the internet. Twitter user Nowshath A shared a clip of the driver sitting in his usual spot on the bus as he said goodbye to a vehicle that had been partly his for over a decade.

In the clip, the driver turns off the engine and strokes parts of the bus as if he were stroking a human’s head. Muthupandi, the 60-year-old driver from Madurai, arrived for work on his last day at the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation and emotionally said goodbye to the bus he was driving.

Muthupandi kisses the steering wheel of the bus and joins hands to pay homage to the vehicle that had been his companion. She then got off the bus and stood in front of him to give him a big hug. The former driver also kissed the bumper of the bus, wiping away tears after doing so.

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— Nowshath A (@Nousa_journo) June 1, 2023

The driver shared how his profession earned him the respect of society

Towards the end of the video, the driver shared: “The profession earned me the respect of society. I was able to provide a good education for my children and take care of my parents and my wife.”

People on the internet were also touched by the bus driver’s love for his job. One user wrote: “You did a great job…have a quiet retired life…God bless you with lots of happiness and good health.”

You have done a great job… have a peaceful and retired life… God bless you with lots of happiness and good health 🙏

— sridhar gangireddy (@sridhargangire1) June 1, 2023

While another noted: “Very tearful goodbye to your faithful bread giver.”

Very tearful farewell to his faithful bread 🍞 giver

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