Tarzan in real life! Boy Casually Drags Snake Into His House, Internet Praises Boy’s IDGAF Attitude

The gangster boy has everything under control. A strange video recently greeted people on the internet and shocked them. While the internet is a place of all things new, this recent viral video was enough to take online viewers completely breathless.

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Video of boy dragging snake home goes viral

Boy casually drags snake home instagram

In the clip, a small boy is seen dragging a long, thin object inside a house where women and other children are sitting. The boy is completely fearless and plays mindlessly, which shocks the internet as the boy evidently handles a long snake inside the house.

The boy holds the reptile by one end of its tail and drags the animal around the entrance to the house before bringing it inside. The snake also seems to be enjoying the situation and is apparently using minimal strategy to get out of the little boy’s stronghold.

The people sitting inside the house notice that the boy is bringing the snake and they panic. The women and other children run to find a place as far away from the snake’s head as possible, overlooking the little boy with hideous expressions.

Watch the viral video below:

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An old man stepped in to save the day

Boy drags snake home in viral video instagram

However, a few steps inside the house and an old man intervenes to dissolve the situation. He takes the little boy out of the house while she is still handling the reptile. The video ends abruptly shortly after. It is not clear what happened to the snake or the child after the man dragged them out of the house.

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The video disturbed many members of the online audience. The clip was viewed more than 50 million times on Instagram. People on the internet were shocked to see the boy casually handling the snake which looked quite wild and dangerous. Though it’s not clear if the boy had any link to the snake or if the reptile was even venomous.

People compared the little boy to Tarzan, the story of an orphan who was raised by wild mountain gorillas. While one wondered if the boy’s fearless attitude has anything to do with the babies that were born during the pandemic. The user hinted that after living through the pandemic there is little that could scare a human child.

Some wondered why the person who made the video was encouraging the child to bring the snake inside the house instead of helping the child to be safe and away from the reptile.

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