Teacher steals attention at Santa Barbara parade

A Honduran teacher went viral on TikTok in the national parades, where users highlighted her beauty and figure.

Honduras celebrates 202 years of national independence, so institutions from all departments parade to commemorate this date in September.

Teachers, along with parents, are usually the ones who proudly share photos of the little ones parading, and a teacher in Santa Barbara was no exception.

However, what caught your attention in this teacher’s video is her attractiveness.

“The happiest ‘MAETA’ (teacher) with my girls. 202 years of national independence. The most beautiful pompon girls,” the teacher shared along with her video with her students.

In the images you can see the young teacher, identified as Gabriela Zaldivar, posing with her students and directing the civic event.

According to her profile, the 25-year-old teacher has a degree in pre-basic education and her video has generated more than a million views and several comments.

“Apart from being very beautiful, she is a great human being, and very kind, greetings, Gabriela”, “I am happy seeing my mother”, “Where is the school to enroll next year”, are some comments.

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