Tesla Cybertruck: the first truck built in two years

After two years of delays, Tesla has finally finished building its first Cybertruck at the electric vehicle maker’s plant in Austin, Texas, the firm announced in a tweet on Saturday.

Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, unveiled the truck in 2019 during a reveal in which the car’s designer smashed several of the seemingly indestructible “armor glass” windows.

The company has since delayed the start of production, with Musk last year citing component shortages as the reason for delaying the Cybertruck’s debut until 2023.

According to Musk, Tesla would like to produce up to a quarter million Cybertrucks annually, according to the lawsuit, at a shareholder meeting in May.

With the launch of the Cybertruck, Tesla will be able to compete with electric trucks made by companies like Ford Motor (FN) and Rivian Automotive (RIVN.O), who have introduced models in still-restricted numbers.

According to Reuters, Tesla plans to start mass-producing the Cybertruck in late 2023.

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Source: vtt.edu.vn

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