The favorites! They are the palillonas of the Central Institute

The most anticipated! Once again, the Vicente Cáceres Central Institute participated in the patriotic parades this Friday, September 15 in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras.

With applause, the palillonas were received by the residents of the capital in commemoration of the 202nd anniversary of the country’s independence.

With a gray suit and boots, the characteristic color of the Central, the palillonas showed off in their presentation through the streets of Suyapa Boulevard, until they reached the ‘Chelato Uclés’ National Stadium.

Palillonas del Central. Photo:

Being one of the largest groups of palillonas, the centralistas shined in the parades, considered one of the favorites every year.

Young man from Central. Photo:

A palillona posing for the lens of

With the charisma that characterizes them, the young people danced to the rhythm of “La Chica del Central” and various typical songs of the date.

ICVC Palillona. Photo: tunota.Centralists being cheered in the parade. Photo:

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