The intelligence chairman of the House of Representatives calls the immigration crisis an “incredible human tragedy,” but also a security threat.

A top House intelligence official on Sunday called the immigration crisis an “incredible human tragedy” but warned that it also threatens national security.

House Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) blamed the Biden White House for “the incredible influx” of asylum seekers entering the country.

The president of Intel, speaking on WABC 770 AM’s “Cat Roundtable,” said it’s the executive branch’s fault for allowing migrants to cross the border earlier this year after the expiration of a 2020 policy that rejected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 health emergency.

“It is totally the policy of the Biden administration. Their policy is an open border, and that is the situation we find ourselves in, you can see the incredible influx that we have had since the Trump administration, people are crossing the border,” Turner told the show’s fill-in hosts, former House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Peter King (R-LI) and former New York State Judge Richard Weinberg.

“Some of them are looking for a better life, but others are intent on harming us,” Turner said, referring to the fraction of asylum seekers on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.

House Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Mike Turner said Sunday that the White House is to blame for the migrant surge. fake images
immigrantsMigrants cross the Rio Grande on their way to seek asylum in the United States in May. AFP via Getty Images

“Not having controls at our borders means we can’t choose who comes here, it means they choose and the people who self-select have their own reasons for coming,” he said.

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“It is an incredible human tragedy, the stories of people who made this journey, who believe in the welcome of the Biden administration that they are going to find a better life. But along the way, they are taken advantage of. There is human trafficking, cartels, the risk of life.”

Turner’s comments came even as he touted his panel’s new “bipartisan approach” and praised his relationship with the committee’s ranking Democratic member, Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut.

Weinberg, a Democrat who is ideologically across the aisle from Turner, agreed with the Intelligence Committee chairman.

“As a Democrat in the room, I am deeply concerned about the Biden administration’s failures to ensure national security,” Weinberg said.

White HouseAs leaders from both parties criticize the White House over the influx of immigrants to the United States, lawmakers remain deadlocked on substantial immigration reform.Getty Images

“We have an open border. Now it has become a national problem. “It used to be a border state problem, particularly Texas.”

Weinberg’s remarks come as New York City Mayor Eric Adams, also a Democrat, has repeatedly called on Washington to take steps to reduce the steady flow of more than 100,000 immigrants arriving in the Big Apple since last spring. .

“I don’t have the legal authority to tell people they can leave, only the federal government can do that,” Adams lamented on PIX11’s “PIX on Politics” program Sunday. “It is illegal to tell buses that you cannot enter.”

Last week, Hizzoner warned that the immigration crisis could “destroy” the five boroughs.

Congress has long been deadlocked on immigration reform measures, which have not been updated since 1986.

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