The man spends Rs 16.5 Lakh on Dream Dog House for pets. He comes with a coffee table, mini-fridge, and TV

The love that pet owners have for their furry companions knows no bounds. Domestic dogs hold a special place in the hearts of their owners, from tail wagging to slobbering kisses. These four-legged family members bring immeasurable joy, unconditional love, and unwavering loyalty to their owners’ lives.

A man has built a luxurious “dream house” for his dog in a remarkable show of love for his furry companion.


This remarkable doghouse, reportedly costing a staggering $20,000, showcases the deep bond between man and his four-legged friend.

Complete with its own mini-fridge, cozy bedroom, and even a TV that plays non-stop squirrel videos, this state-of-the-art pup pad is a definite upgrade from the typical doggie basket.


The man behind this splendid creation is YouTuber Brent Rivera, a native of California, who proudly shared this unique home improvement project with his 26.5 million subscribers.

The 25-year-old content creator added a caption to the video, which has garnered nearly seven million views.

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Brent further revealed that he made the extravagant investment in the luxury living arrangement as a special birthday present for his beloved dog, Charly, on her first birthday.

The video takes viewers step by step through the process of building and decorating Charly’s new house.

Brent has affectionately referred to Charly as his “best friend” throughout the past year, offering him comfort and companionship after the heartbreaking loss of his former furry companion, Becker.

In the video he tells his subscribers: “It was extremely difficult for me because I felt that I would never have a dog like that again.”

“That was until Charly came into my life. He’ll never be Becker, but he’s amazing in his own way. So I wanted to do something special for his first birthday.”

brent said, “I thought it was time she deserved an upgrade”, before he and his friend headed to the stores to pick up the supplies they needed to get started on their home renovation project.

Later in the video, the YouTuber revealed the substantial price tag attached to the “luxury” dog house, an impressive $20,000.

After a quick DIY assembly, Brent gave his viewers a tour of the entire project.

The mezzanine-style dwelling featured a cozy bed, bean bags, a sofa, a small coffee table, personalized photos of Charly and himself, a mini-fridge, and a TV that played exclusively squirrel videos.

To add a final homey touch, Brent posted a sign outside the doghouse with gold letters reading “Charly’s House.”

“People will say, ‘You spoiled her,'” Brent says in the video before adding, “No, I’m just thankful.”

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His friend adds, “This is getting messed up for sure.”

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