The viral video of a woman dancing in a sari and heels has left netizens divided; Look

The viral dance video of a woman in a sari and heels went viral recently.

All the social media platforms are flooded with viral movies and you can find new ones every day. However, some of the videos are not even worth watching. Also, half of the videos are practically dance reels and they are all going viral. Just like that, a video recently went viral on the internet.

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A viral dance video of a woman in a sari and heels went viral recently. She seemed to be in the middle of something. Then when she starts the music, she does an amazing break dance. There were a lot of people there, and everyone was clapping and clapping for her. A verified user named nepalhiphopfoundation01 posted this video on Instagram social media.

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Interestingly, if you pay close attention to the video, you will see that the woman slipped for a while in the middle but continued to dance gracefully. Within a short period of time after the video was released on the internet, it garnered a huge number of likes as well as numerous comments from other online users. Despite many users saying, “That saree must have been fixed by the gods to survive those steps,” another user commented, “OMG, super confident and a great dancer too.” “I can’t even walk properly in a sari,” the third wrote, “but it saved her when she slipped.”

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