‘They jumped higher than the goats’: flock of sheep takes almost 300 kilos of marijuana

The incident occurred in Greece after the animals entered a greenhouse due to heavy flooding in the area.

Listeners to the local station Status FM 107.7, in Greece, were shocked after the unusual story told by Giannis Bourounis, the owner of the largest medical marijuana plantation in Central and Eastern Europe.

After strong floods that attacked the region, a flock of sheep entered the greenhouse and ate almost 300 kilograms of marijuana.

“I’m very well, but the sheep are better, full of madness (…). They see everything as beautiful,” said the owner on the radio, who lost almost all of his harvest due to the rains in the area.

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He added that “while we were trying to save everything we could, suddenly we saw sheep and goats grazing normally inside the greenhouse.”

In an interview with The Newspaper, he explained the possible reason why the animals arrived there.

“They found the grass to eat because the rest of their food was destroyed by the floods. They really like cannabis, as well as grass and vegetables. They eat everything with pleasure,” he said.

According to Bourounis, the real challenge was dislodging the sheep that were delighted to consume the cannabis plants and he commented that it took several hours to get them away from the crop.

“The sheep jumped higher than the goats and that never happens. Logical, since they ate about 300 kilos of cannabis,” concluded the owner.

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This is not the first time a flock of sheep has massively consumed marijuana.

In 2016, international media reported that a herd of sheep in south Wales fell into a “psychotic spiral” after eating cannabis from an uncontrolled spill, which caused chaos in the area and several quadrupeds were killed by vehicles.

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