They propose dresses for palillonas from Honduras inspired by Francisco Morazán

The Honduran woman’s idea was supported by several compatriots who considered that the costumes of the Honduran palillonas should not be so short.

Through TikTok, a user proposed that the palillonas of Honduras parade in clothing inspired by General Francisco Morazán, a Honduran hero who appears on the 5 lempira bill.

Under the idea of ​​an elegant suit that represents the culture and history of the country, user @anavelhn made a compilation of ‘costumes that Honduras deserves’ for next September 15.

“Honduras deserves to have costumes that are elegant and serious in patriotic parades,” he wrote.

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In the images they shared as recommendations, you can see black suits with gold and red details, similar to Francisco Morazán’s clothing.

Long sleeves, high collars, layers and sober tones are the Honduran proposal.

It is forbidden to wear short suits

The Secretary of Education, Daniel Sponda, recalled that there is a dress code for the parades on September 15, the day the country’s independence is celebrated.

According to what he said, he has requested since 2022 that the palillonas not be “sexualized” and that the costumes must respect morality and good customs.

“I believe that decorum and good dress are a transversal part of training,” said Sponda.

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