‘They stole gold, I stole my husband’: Honduran woman conquers the Spaniard who wants to be a catracho

A married couple, a Honduran and a Spaniard, went viral on social networks by confessing that the European wants Catracha nationality.

The Spaniard, named José, originally from Valencia, expressed that he wants to be a catracho, because he admires the beauty and quality of people that the country has.

“I want to be a catracho, Honduran women are another level, I am happy to have a woman like her,” he said.

For her part, the Honduran indicated that it was a blessing for her to arrive in Spain and meet the love of her life, confessing that she made a kind of ‘checkmate’ with her husband.

“It is a blessing to arrive in Spain, they stole my gold, and I stole my husband,” said the Catracha, laughing, referring to the attack that the Spanish made when conquering the country.

According to their statements, they have been married for almost 6 years and help the migrant community through the Ebenezer church in the European country.

Regarding this, the Spaniard stated that he has traveled to Honduras on different occasions, visiting municipalities such as Santa Bárbara, San Pedro Sula, Omoa and Lake Yojoa, being impressed by the beauty of the country.

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