‘This looks real’: AI imagines Elon Musk as Desi’s boyfriend, images shock the internet

Elon Musk has been a name in the headlines for quite some time. Although he was always a name to reckon with, he became an even bigger internet sensation when he bought Twitter Inc. and brought down the entire company.

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AI Images of Elon Musk as an Indian Boyfriend Shock the Internet

AI imagines Elon Musk as the Indian boyfriendinstagram

After giving Twitter a subscription service and other paid assets that users could take advantage of, Elon once again became the talk of the town. This time though, the Tesla mogul is going viral for entirely different reasons.

Australian and Mumbaikar photographer Rolling Canvas shocked people on the internet when he shared his take on Elon Musk imagined by an AI tool. The photographer posted AI-imagined photos of Elon Musk as an Indian boyfriend.

They wrote in their caption: โ€œWhen Elon Musk had an Indian wedding, in my imagination ๐Ÿ™‚ From the times when we used to paint our imagination on paper to now when we can feed our ideas to computers/AI and it brings them to reality . Fascinated to be alive in these times and to be part of a possible transition. I’m not sure if it’s for better or worse, but it’s happening. The world is changing and it is changing rapidly.โ€

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The photographer shared several AI-generated images of Elon Musk as an Indian boyfriend

AI imagines Elon Musk as the Indian boyfriendinstagram

Among the images the Instagram creator shared were numerous images of Elon in different wedding settings that usually take place during a desi wedding. She first went Musk in a sherwani while dancing with her Indian relatives. The images are absolutely sharp and hard to tell apart from reality, which made it difficult for people on the internet to tell if they were real or fake.

In another image, Musk rides a white horse, as is the custom at a Hindu wedding for the groom to enter the wedding venue on horseback. In the image below, Musk poses for the camera in traditional Indian clothing, much like the royal bride and groom posing for his photographer before their wedding ceremony.

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In another AI-generated image, Musk stands in a red sherwani as if posing for the wedding album. In the last image, Musk is seen making his way through a crowd of desi guests as he beams at his imagined big day. Also in this image, Musk is wearing an ethnic outfit to complete the occasion.

People on the internet were completely shocked to see the images. One user wrote: โ€œOMG I really thought this was real. Totally (100) in this post. Hope all is well. Another added: “Unbelievable…and a whole new world!” While one noted, “The future is crazy, you won’t know what’s real or fake.”

AI imagines Elon Musk as the Indian boyfriendinstagram

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