This new optical illusion reveals what you do under pressure

The internet is going crazy with claims that an optical illusion can show whether you hate being alone or can’t control your anger when your boundaries are crossed.

TikTok creator Mia Yilin, who has more than 450,000 followers on the video-sharing app, shared the image this week. She claims that she can tell if you are extremely mature and think from the point of view of others, or if you mold yourself to please others.

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There’s a cat head and an island in the image, and Mia said which image you see first of the two could reveal a lot about your personality.

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If you saw the island for the first time

Mia opened the video by explaining what it meant to be the first to see the island. “If you initially saw the island, then you are a very sensitive and outgoing person since you hate being alone, having friends is very important to you and you will do everything possible to obtain their favor, including changing your attitude or degrading yourself.” She explained.

The content producer, for his part, stated that those who saw the island for the first time are “very indecisive,” especially when it comes to critical issues.

“You are also very indecisive, especially in stressful or crucial situations,” he observed.

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If you saw the cat’s head for the first time

Mia then explained what it meant if you saw the cat upside down first. “If you were the first to see the cat head, you are someone who rarely gets angry with others; even if you feel uncomfortable, you will laugh because you do everything you can to avoid conflict,” she said.

Mia, on the other hand, discovered that if people who saw the cat upside down are pushed to their breaking point, they can become enraged. “However, if someone really gets on your nerves or crosses your boundaries, nothing can control your anger. You are very mature and often think from the perspective of others, admitting your mistakes when necessary,” she added.

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