TikTok Signup Guide: Everything you need to know about the content creation giant in 2023

TikTok, the platform has literally changed lives. Common people have become a global celebrity by posting short 15-second videos on this platform. Statistics show that the app has over 1 billion downloads, with over 96 million downloads coming from the United States.

In case you are looking for ways to create an account on TikTok, welcome to the club as we have the perfect signup guide for our users. But before we get into the “how,” let’s dig into the “why” part of TikTok.

Disclaimer: All information made available to users is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the TikTok registration process. We are not associated with the TikTok platform and all content we offer has been sourced from trusted websites.

Why should I create an account on TikTok?

There are many people who are unaware of the app and have never used it, to say the least. So, for those of you who are not the kids of the internet, TikTok is basically a social media platform that provides users with brilliant features like upload, react, create duets, and many others for video making purposes.

Another important reason, which we personally don’t overlook, is the music that one can explore here. Finding awesome new artists and remixes is pretty easy, which makes TikTok a great place for you to explore music while up-and-coming artists get the recognition they deserve.

Even though the platform itself is perfect, the real question that has everyone scratching their heads is, “is it safe or not?” Let’s find out.

Is TikTok a secure platform?

It may not seem like a safe place as various countries ban the platform due to data policies. There were also reports that the platform has been collecting the data of its users. But the platform has made it possible for users to see its transparency in most fields with its terms of use and conditions.

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Simply put, the reports may make it look like a shady platform, but it is completely safe for users to access and have fun.

Prerequisites to create an account on TikTok

Before proceeding with the TikTok registration process, here are some basic requirements that one must meet;

  • Two TikTok accounts cannot have the same mobile number.
  • Make sure you use an active email address for the TikTok signup process. The user must be over 13 years of age and teens under 16 will have a default private profile to begin with.
  • The user must take into account the TikTok terms and conditions when creating an account to ensure that they do not violate any of them.

Now that we know all about the pre-registration rituals, let us take you straight to the different ways that can be used to create a new TikTok account with relative ease.

Easy ways to create a TikTok account

TikTok offers four simple options that can help users create an account on the platform. Users can sign up for TikTok by making good use of their email address, phone number, social media accounts, and their Apple ID. The last sections of the blog will focus on explaining the first three methods.

With the use of the email address

  • Access TikTok on your device to get started.
  • After doing this, click on the “me” button that is available on the right hand corner of your screen to continue.

  • Next, click on the “sign up” option and from the list of options that appears on your screen, click on the one that says “Use your phone or email”.
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    the option to use your phone or email

  • In the next window, you will need to enter your date of birth and your email address in the spaces provided correctly.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to create a strong and unique password for your account. After creating a password, press the sign up button to open a TikTok account.

With the Use of Social Networks

  • Similar to the method mentioned above, launch the app or web version on your device to get started.
  • Locate the “me” button at the bottom right of your screen and click the “sign up” option. From there, you can simply choose any of the social media options that are available on the screen to create a new account on TikTok. Usually, you just need to log in to the social media identifier you’ve selected. Here, you can even use your Apple ID if you are an iOS user.

The social media login options for TikTok

With the Use of the Mobile Number

  • Start the paperwork by downloading and installing the TikTok app on your respective device.
  • From the home page, you will need to click on the “me” button that is available at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • In the next window, you will need to click on the “register” option. A list of options will appear on your screen and from the same, click on the option “use your phone or email”.
  • For the next step, you will need to enter your date of birth and your mobile phone number. Click the “send code” button once you have done the same.

    the phone number field and the option to send code

  • Now, simply enter the 4-digit code you received on your mobile phone number in the correct field.

    the OTP field for TikTok

These are some of the simple methods that can be used to create a new account on TikTok without much fuss. iOS users also have the option to create an account with their Apple ID, and the process is similar to social media.

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Simply add the email address that is connected to your Apple ID, and then proceed through the CAPTCHA for verification purposes to set up a new password.

We are sure that you must have some questions, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TikTok on the internet.

frequent questions

Q.1 Is it necessary to enter your date of birth when creating an account on TikTok?

Answer-1 Yes, as it is mandatory for all users to enter their correct date of birth for verification purposes. If you are a minor and plan to create an account, you will not be able to do so as the registration process will not continue unless you are over 13 years of age.

Q.2 Why can’t I create two TikTok accounts from the same mobile phone number?

Answer-2 The TikTok platform does not allow users to create more than one TikTok account using the same mobile phone number. If a mobile number is already in use, the user will need to add another mobile number or they can also delete the number from the old account in case they want to use the same account.

Q.3 Can I create a TikTok account without an email address?

Answer-3 In addition to an email address, users also have the option to link their account with their mobile phone number, social media identifiers, and Apple ID, if the user has an iOS device. This allows users to make use of the best possible option according to their needs.

Create an account and log in to TikTok to get started with all the entertainment.

That’s all from our end, and we hope the blog has everything you were looking for.

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