Too hot to handle! Woman ends up in hospital with brain swelling after smelling too many peppers

A woman in Brazil unexpectedly ended up in the hospital after smelling too many hot peppers. Thais Medeiros is still recovering in hospital six months after reporting she experienced severe brain swelling after smelling super-hot peppers.

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Brazilian woman suffers brain inflammation from smelling hot peppers

Brazilian woman suffers brain inflammation from smelling hot peppersunpack

It all started in February, when the strange accident occurred.

The 25-year-old girl was helping her partner prepare dinner for her parents at their house in Anápolis, in central Brazil. Things were going great until Thais decided to sniff a pickled goat pepper.

These peppers are a very popular variety in the region for their spicy heat. The bell pepper is said to have a Scoville rating of between 15,000 and 30,000. For those unfamiliar with Scoville ratings, a regular jalapeno on your pizza sits around the 8,000 mark on the scale, while a ghost pepper tops out at a million.

Thais not only smelled the very hot peppers, but also accidentally rubbed them into his nose. Consequently, the Brazilian woman soon became ill with an itchy throat and she was rushed to a hospital in Anápolis and later transferred to a center near her hometown.

After some tests, it was discovered that the patient had suffered swelling of the brain, known as edema, which experts believe was caused by an allergic reaction to the pepper.

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The woman already had conditions such as asthma

Brazilian woman suffers brain inflammation from smelling hot peppersjam press

It was reportedly so severe that it led to Thais spending several days in a coma after smelling the peppers. Her mother also noted that the woman already had pre-existing respiratory problems, including bronchitis and asthma.

On July 31, Salvation finally opened its doors when Thais was discharged from the hospital. However, after four days, she had to return to the facility after experiencing a high fever and reddish urine.

On August 10, as Thais was ready to return home, she experienced bronchospasm that delayed her discharge. For now, the hospital has no idea when Thais will be able to return home, as everything depends on her recovery. Doctors are also concerned that the woman will not be able to resume her daily tasks and other activities, as the lack of oxygen could cause neurological problems.

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