Top 5 OnePlus 10T Review Secrets You Never Knew

Are you looking for the OnePlus 10T Review? The OnePlus 10T is the latest high-end phone from the company. Even though it’s not the new top-of-the-line phone, the 10T has many of the features and specs you’d expect from a modern Android phone. It also makes enough sacrifices to keep the price down.

The OnePlus T-series began with the OnePlus 3T in 2016 as a play on the iPhone S series and has been a mainstay of the company’s lineup ever since.

OnePlus is a brand that has worked hard to make a place for itself in the market for high-end smartphones. So much so that a brand that used to only make one phone at a time now has the confidence to make multiple flagship phones a year for different markets and types of users. The OnePlus 10T will be the company’s latest global flagship phone. It will be aimed at people who want to upgrade from an older OnePlus phone or who have been thinking about getting a phone from Samsung or Apple. In this article, we are going to talk about everything, about the OnePlus 10T review.

OnePlus 10T Review: What’s New?

At first glance, the OnePlus 10T looks a lot like the OnePlus 10R, which came out a few months ago. But the phone doesn’t feel like a OnePlus very much because it doesn’t have the famous alert slider. But then, we’re getting more used to this.

The OnePlus 10T has a very fluid look to it. It has a shiny metal frame and a glossy metal finish on the back panel. It also has a square camera bump. However, a big and a bit heavy phone, but it is easy to hold. The camera bump is big, but it doesn’t stick out very far. This square has four rings, three of which are cameras and one of which is the flash.

OnePlus 10T Unboxing

The OnePlus 10T comes in a box that is pretty typical for the OnePlus. Over the years, the boxes have gotten smaller, but they still have all the same items, including chargers, which are getting harder to find.

If you need to know, the charger is an Oppo phone 160W SuperVOOC. It’s a pretty big piece of gear that also weighs quite a bit. It connects with USB-C and can be charged with the 45W USB-PD.

Even though the charger is the same everywhere, it can only charge at 150W in places with 220V power outlets. In places like the US with 110V outlets, the charger will only charge at 125W.

You can also get a clear silicone case inside the box in some places, like India. More about the OnePlus 10T review is below.

OnePlus 10T Specs at a Glance

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  • Impressively powerful
  • Great fast charging
  • The charger is included in the box, too
  • Much cheaper than previous generations


  • The alert slider is gone
  • Odd position for the fingerprint scanner
  • Limited software support
  • OxygenOS 12.1 isn’t the best 
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We hear you asking, “What are these bells and whistles?” One thing is that the OnePlus 10T has the same amazing 150W charging solution as the OnePlus 10R, but it is now more advanced, efficient, and safe. There is also a new antenna system and a new cooling system, which are said to be the best smartphones on any OnePlus phone to date. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and 16GB of RAM are also making their first appearance on a OnePlus phone.

Overall, the OnePlus 10T seems to have the same focus on speed and performance that the company is known for. But let’s take a look at how the rest of the phone works.

OnePlus 10T Release Date and Price

The OnePlus 10T with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage costs $649 or £629. In India, there is also a 12GB model, and the 16GB/256GB model costs $749 or £729. If you read the beginning of this review, you already know that the OnePlus 10 Pro is only a little bit more expensive (assuming you buy it at full price).

So, it’s clear that OnePlus is marketing the 10T as a slightly cheaper version of the older flagship. If the company dropped the “T,” the name would be perfect.

The phone came out on August 3, but you can’t buy it until August 25 in Europe and September 29 in the United States.

OnePlus 10T Cameras and Battery Life

The cameras on the OnePlus 10T are likely the most disappointing change from the OnePlus 10 Pro. The Sony IMX766 sensor is used by the 50MP main camera. We’ve praised this sensor in the past because it works well in low light, but that’s because it’s usually found in cheap phones. We don’t usually see it in ones that cost this much.

It also has an 8MP ultra-wide sensor and a 2MP macro sensor. The ultra-wide sensor works fine, but the macro sensor is pretty much useless. We’ve seen phones with the same camera setup that cost half as much, like the Realme 9 Pro Plus, which is OnePlus’s sister brand. It’s a bit disappointing to see the same camera setup on a phone that costs so much.

In its defense, OnePlus says that this phone is all about “speed” and that cameras don’t fit into that. And the cameras… well, they work. The pictures are very colorful, almost to the point of being too colorful, but as long as the lighting is good, they are great for sharing on social media.

OnePlus 10T Review: What’s Good?

As always, the screen on this OnePlus phone is very clear and bright. The 6.7-inch FHD+ screen grabs your attention as soon as it lights up to let you know that your thumb is on it to unlock it. This is a good choice for gamers because it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and its peak brightness of 950 nits is one of the best in the business. I was impressed by how the screen’s brightness changed based on the light in the room, especially since I tested it in a dark room in New York.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform is what makes the OnePlus 10T work. This shows that it is a top-of-the-line flagship and not a cheap version like the 10R, which came out in India earlier this year. During the few days I used the phone, its performance was great and it didn’t get too hot. When I have a lot of tabs open in Chrome or Brave, that’s when my phone gets the most stressed out. Even so, this wasn’t a big deal for the 10T. Even after a few minutes of recording in 4K, the phone stayed cool.

In fact, gamers will be interested in this phone because of its 120Hz screen and HyperBoost Gaming engine. I couldn’t try out many of the games on the phone, but the ones I did were great, and again, I didn’t notice any heating.

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On the back of the 10T, there are three cameras. This was one of the things I liked about the phone. The 50MP main camera takes some very good pictures and tries to keep the colors as close to real life as possible. In nightscape, it goes a little overboard and makes the images too bright, so I kept underexposing the frames to make it a little less obvious. It did a good job of showing the different colors of the New York sunset.

The phone captures details well in Macro, though it uses a 2MP sensor there

I also thought it did a good job with colors, like when it took a picture of a shelf full of different kinds of doughnuts.

Even though it was getting dark, it took a good picture of some red flowers, which is something that many phones have trouble with when there is more light.

The 8MP wide-angle camera, on the other hand, sometimes lacks detail, but if you only look at the photos on your phone, you probably won’t notice. The phone’s image clarity engine goes to work as soon as you take a picture and gives you the best picture for the situation. Some phones slow down when they do this kind of processing after the fact, but the OnePlus 10T does it quite well.

The OnePlus 10T’s biggest selling point is that it works with 150W Supervooc Endurance Edition charging, which can charge the phone from 0% to 100% in about 19 minutes. The phone is charged by two 75W charging pumps in the charger. This charging management keeps both the charger and the phone from getting too hot.

But this isn’t the charger that comes with the phone, and you can only get it with the most expensive model. You have to pay another price for this fast charging: the charger itself weighs more than 200 grams and is about the size of a man’s palm. But this is a lifesaver for people who forget to charge their phones regularly.

OnePlus 10T Review: What’s not so Good?

The OnePlus 10T is the kind of top-of-the-line phone we’ve all come to expect these days: it doesn’t try to do anything crazy, but it does everything better and more efficiently than before.

But if you like OnePlus phones, and I know there are a lot of them out there, this phone is a bit of a letdown. So if you want to upgrade, you will have to do without your favorite Alert Slider, which was left out because of design and engineering constraints. But that’s just as bad as a Thinkpad without a Trackpoint.

Also, people who want to use this phone will have to wait until OxygenOS 13 is rolled out to it. It does not come with the most recent operating system. I also noticed that the phone now comes with some apps already on it. Only a few of them are here, like Netflix streaming Sites. But I didn’t think a OnePlus phone would have these.

OnePlus 10T Review: Should you Buy it?

The OnePlus 10T will be a strong new competitor in the high-end Android market, which OnePlus has been leading for a while. This time, the phone will try to attract new users by being able to charge very quickly and having top-of-the-line features all over. So, the OnePlus 10T is a good choice for people who want a full smartphone at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

But it will be hard for OnePlus to live up to what customers, especially those who have bought from them before, think the brand stands for. Going forward, the brand will have to figure out how to handle this well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about OnePlus 10T Review

Are OnePlus phones good long-term?

Because of its processor, you can expect your OnePlus to last a long time. The company makes flagships, which have the most powerful chipsets because a company makes them.

Why OnePlus 8T is not good?

The OnePlus 8T is a fast, well-built flagship phone. It has a great screen, charges quickly, and has great software. It’s too bad that its boring design and average camera performance make it feel like it’s missing something. The rest of the phone is good if you don’t care too much about the cameras.

Is OnePlus better than Samsung?

In head-to-head Geekbench 5 tests, the Samsung beats the OnePlus because it has a higher single-core score (1,232 vs. 985), but its multi-core score (3,433) is not as good (versus 3,446).

Can the OnePlus phone last 5 years?

OnePlus supports its phones for a period of up to three years.

Is it safe to buy OnePlus phones?

The phone isn’t bad, but there are so many problems with it that the company wants people to buy the Pro version instead. Even the OnePlus Nord, which is in the budget segment, has OIS. The OnePlus 9 does not.

Is OnePlus better than Xiaomi?

Because of its operating system, price, and performance, the OnePlus 10 Pro is a better all-around phone. It does pretty well in most areas, but if you want more premium touches and a slightly better camera, the Xiaomi 12 is better in those areas.

Is OnePlus worth buying in 2022?

The OnePlus Nord has a 6.44-inch OLED screen with flat edges that can support refresh rates as high as 90Hz and resolutions as high as 2400x1080p. This is still great by 2022 standards since many new phones still use LCD screens instead of screens with a faster refresh rate.

Do OnePlus phones slow down?

Since then, OnePlus has admitted that it did change the way up to 300 apps, including some very popular ones like Chrome, ran on the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro to make them run slower than others and save power.

Is OnePlus a Chinese company?

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone company with its main office in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It was started by former Oppo vice-president Pete Lau and Carl Pei in December 2013. The company is one of BKK Electronics’ three subsidiaries. The other two are Oppo and Vivo.

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