Tracey Nix’s grandmother arrested in 2022 death of 7-month-old Uriel

Grandchildren are the life of grandparents and they can do anything for them. However, something unexpected has been done that is becoming difficult to accept. A grandmother has been arrested for the murder of her 7-month-old granddaughter. The suspect was identified as Tracey Nix, a native of Florida. She has been accused of causing the death of her granddaughter. However, it is not an intentional murder, but she still faces murder charges. The toddler reportedly stayed in the hot car for too long.

Tracey Nix’s grandmother arrested

This news comes less than a year after her grandson drowned in her care. The late girl identified as Uriel lost her life in 2022 after her grandmother left her in the vehicle. Tracy claimed that she had forgotten about the child. Unfortunately, last year as well, Uriel’s brother also lost his life when he was being cared for by his grandmother, Nix. The mother of the deceased children is completely devastated by her passing and asked that her mother be imprisoned for allowing her two children to die in such a short time.

According to court records, Tracy Nix, 65, Uriel Schock’s grandmother, was arrested and charged with aggravated murder. She left her 7-month-old grandmother in her motor vehicle and forgot about her, which became her cause of death. This incident occurred on November 1, 2022. She left Uriel in his vehicle in front of his Wauchula residence for many hours after lunch with his friends. She claimed to have forgotten that his granddaughter was in the vehicle as mentioned in court documents.

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Tracey Nix

Drew Shock, Uriel’s father, was interviewed and expressed his frustration and sadness, asking how anyone could forget a small child in the car. According to the documents, Kaila Schock, Uriel’s mother, had asked Nix to watch the boy while she went to a hairdresser’s appointment. Nix went to her friend’s house and picked up her granddaughter before going to the restaurant. Security footage showed Nix putting the boy in the back seat before driving home, then parking the car and getting inside to talk to her dog.

The little girl was pronounced dead at the scene, with her passing ruled a murder due to the high temperature in the car that day. The mother of the deceased children has asked that her mother be sent to jail after she lost her 2 young children who passed away within a year whom she left in the care of her grandmother.

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