TweetDeck Rebranded as XPro: What Users Need to Know?

Twitter is embracing a bold new era, and TweetDeck is the latest product to fall in line with the changes, now rebranded as XPro.

This shift is part of a larger rebranding exercise that has been taking place on the platform over the past few days, replacing various Twitter imprints with the letter ‘X.’

Though the new XPro name appears when you sign out of your account, the website URL remains the same. Formerly known as TweetDeck, XPro continues to serve as a valuable tool for users to manage and track multiple profiles from one screen. This follows recent changes to the Android, iOS, and web apps, where Twitter was renamed to X. There are also reports that Tweets will soon be referred to as Posts, and Retweets will become Reposts on these platforms.

Elon Musk, whose influence over Twitter is becoming increasingly apparent, seems to have grand plans for the platform’s “X revolution.” He’s expressed an ambition to turn Twitter into an “everything app” under the name X, with new payment features potentially on the way.

However, these big changes also raise questions. Will Musk have control over most of the new features X will offer? If so, it’s possible that the subscription price for X Blue could increase, or even become necessary for accessing basic benefits.

As Twitter continues its transformation under Musk’s vision, the world is watching closely. Everyone is eager to see how Elon Musk and his team will further the X agenda in the coming months, and whether these sweeping changes will yield positive results for the company. Time will tell if this rebranding strategy will resonate with users and take the social media platform in a successful new direction.

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