‘Ungrateful Request’: Husband Says Dying Wife’s Last Wish Is To Sleep With Her Ex

A distraught husband struggles with a problematic situation involving his wife’s dying wish. He can’t agree with it and finds it hard to talk about. The husband posted on Reddit anonymously, sharing that his wife is very sick and might only have around nine months to live.

They’ve been together for almost ten years and are struggling. 

The husband is doing everything he can to fulfill his wife’s wishes and make her remaining time special. Since the wife might become bedridden soon, she had a serious conversation with her husband. 

She asked for a harsh wish that had turned their lives around. She admitted that she wanted to have sex with her ex-partner. “She thinks that her most physically compatible and satisfying lover was him. She gave a whole monologue about how sex sometimes is just physical and how emotionally fulfilling sex is with me,” the husband admitted in the Reddit post. 

The surprising request has left the man in a difficult situation. 

My dying wife asked me if I’d be okay if she had sex with her ex one last time. I said no. AITAH? (Taken from another page) by u/metallurgyhelp in AITAH

He’s struggling to decide whether to refuse his wife’s wish due to his pride or accept the idea of her being with her ex-partner, which he’s uncomfortable with. 

“I feel like I’m put in a position where I have to say yes because she’s dying,” he added. 

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The disturbed man expressed that he is hurt in this perplexing predicament.

“I’m so hurt that sex with an ex was so good that she needs to do it once before she dies. I just hate everything about this,” he concluded. 

Reddit community’s responses paint a vivid picture of the husband’s challenging predicament. 

The outpouring of astonishment at the situation and a range of perspectives on addressing it underscores the complexity of the emotions involved. 

While some advocate for divorce to preserve the husband’s dignity and emotional well-being, others express their discontent with the wife’s request and view it as a profound lack of appreciation and respect for their relationship. 

As the husband navigates through this tumultuous chapter, the diverse reactions from Reddit users encapsulate the intricate moral and emotional layers accompanying such a perplexing circumstance.

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