‘Unpleasant’: Man finds out his wife is cheating on him with his own father, claims they are expecting twins

In a remarkable series of events, a Welsh man named Declan Fuller, 22, came forward with allegations that his wife, Stephanie, also 22, was unfaithful with her own father, Darren.

As a result of this alleged affair, Stephanie and Darren are now expecting twins.

Prior to this incident, Declan and Stephanie were married with a 2-year-old daughter named Willow. In September 2022, Declan’s father Darren moved into his residence in the Rhondda region of South Wales.

It was during this period that the reported affair is said to have taken place.

Declan, who used to work in the funeral industry, described how his life took on the appearance of a real-life soap opera when he discovered his wife sneaking into his father’s bedroom for an intimate encounter.

However, Stephanie maintained her innocence and replied that they were simply watching an episode of The Simpsons together in the same room.

“It’s sick, how could my father do that to me? It’s like an EastEnders plot. It’s not normal.” Declan told The Sun.

Suspicions were raised when Declan’s divorced father, 44, decided to move in with the young couple.

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representative imagerepresentative image

About two months later, Declan used his phone to check the webcam at home, focusing specifically on his father’s bedroom door.

Father caught with sonFather stuck with son’s wife, now expecting twins. Photo credit: Athena.

To her dismay, she saw Stephanie and her father spend an extended period in the same room, confirming her suspicions. Consequently, Declan ended their marriage.

Stephanie and Darren have chosen to pursue their new love and are currently expecting twins.

Declan expressed concern for the babies, born into a complex family dynamic.

The twins will be Declan’s half-siblings and Willow’s half-siblings, but will also be their aunt or uncle. Also, Darren will simultaneously be Willow’s grandfather and stepfather.

Declan admitted to feeling betrayed, but in the end he believed his life would be better without them.

Reflecting on his father’s actions, the 22-year-old shared that during that time, he wasn’t in his right state of mind, and if he had been, “he (Darren) would be six feet under by now.”

In contrast, Stephanie maintained her innocence, stating that she did not cheat on Declan and that their relationship only began a week after her previous marriage ended.

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