Unveiling The Truth? UK Zoo’s Video Sparks Debate On Existence Of Sun Bears

A video of a Malayan sun bear at China’s Hangzhou facility aroused outrage recently with many accusing the facility of hiring someone to wear the bear suit. The video that went viral earlier showed a bear standing on its hind legs and staring at the guests, with its back wrinkled like a pair of human trousers.   

This fuelled rumours that the bear was not a real animal.  

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UK zoo ‘confirms’ the existence of sun bears 

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While the Chinese zoo denied the accusations, the Paradise Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom responded by releasing a film of one of its own sun bears, Kyra, standing upright to confirm that it is, in fact, a real bear and not a human dressed up as one. 

The zoo captioned the video, “We can confirm that Kyra is a sun bear.”

The video of a sun bear at a UK zoo has gone viral, with over 4,00,000 views. The Instagram post by Paradise Wildlife Park has received a rush of interesting and amusing replies from social media users, with many expressing their amazement at the bear’s behaviour.

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What are the characteristics of a sun bear?

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Sun bears (helarctos malayanus) are the smallest bear species and are native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. They are known for their distinctive appearance, which includes a sleek black coat with a patch of light-coloured fur on their chest that resembles the shape of a rising or setting sun, giving them their name.

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Apart from their unique chest patch, sun bears have short, coarse fur and a short snout. They have strong jaws and long tongues, which they use to extract insects and honey from tree bark and crevices.

They are found in the forests of Southeast Asia, including countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. They primarily inhabit lowland rainforests and tropical swamp areas.

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