VIDEO: bride arrives on a motorcycle to her wedding and the driver throws her away for attempting a dangerous maneuver

The incident occurred at a wedding held in Michigan, United States, which would have taken place in what appears to be a workshop or a barn that was adapted to receive guests.

The woman never expected her wedding to be white with concern and even ridicule, after one of her guests in charge of an important task put her in danger.

However, things did not go as expected and the end of happiness ended up being a disaster that apparently made the bride quite angry, who decided to no longer shake hands with the person who caused the accident.

And in the video shared on Instagram you can see that a motorcycle arrives with the newlywed, who was wearing a green dress and was sitting on the back of the motorcycle; The driver enters at a safe speed. Until that moment everything was going normally.

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The fall

However, the driver decided to do a “wheelie” with the vehicle – that is, he put the motorcycle on a tire – but he did not control the movement and they ended up falling.

During the fall, the motorcycle went backwards, sending both of them backwards against the ground while the man let go of the machine and they were dragged a couple of meters, so the person responsible immediately gets up and helps the girlfriend.

The woman, with annoyance, seems to reproach him for what happened and the motorcyclist tries to remedy the embarrassing moment with a dance, as he takes her by the hand to give her a ride, although the affected woman refuses and tries to continue his path along the place. . a cake.

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The video caused outrage on social networks, as Internet users alleged that it was an irresponsible act to have put the life of the woman in danger in this way, who was experiencing the most special moment of her life with her partner.

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