Video of Flor Moyano and Juan Martino, who is Mariana Fabbiani and why she revealed unpublished images

Learn about the content of Flor Moyano and Juan Martino’s video and discover who Mariana Fabbiani is and why she revealed unpublished images.

SCANDAL! A series of videos support the sexual harassment complaint filed by Flor Moyano against Juan Martino, where the recordings demonstrate six types of abuse, which have different degrees of severity.

Likewise, the alleged abuse happened inside the “Hotel de los Famosos 2”, therefore, many moments were recorded by the cameras of the reality show.

However, one of the presenters of the reality show, Mariana Fabbiani, shared on air an unpublished video of the raw material they recorded for said television program, which exposes Juan Martino.

This happened and he knew he was being recorded. Obviously, this material was not seen on the air.”the driver pointed out. “There is another video, which is very strong and we are not going to show it”.

Mariana Fabiani

Does video of Flor Moyano and Juan Martino demonstrate harassment?

Bullying refers to persistent, unwanted behavior that is intended to intimidate, annoy, threaten, or cause harm to another person.

This behavior can occur in various contexts, such as in the workplace, at school, online (cyberbullying), or in everyday life.

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Harassment can manifest itself in various forms, including verbal, physical harassment, intimidation, social exclusion, defamation, among others.

It is important to note that bullying can have significant negative consequences for the mental and emotional health of the person affected.

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Anti-bullying laws and policies vary by country and context, and many institutions have implemented measures to prevent and address bullying in different settings.

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