Video of Karely and Babo collaboration: The recording becomes a trend again on Twitter and other social networks

Karely and Babo’s video and collaboration remains trendy; This despite the fact that there is not much information about the release of the recording.

The video of Karely and Babo is a collaboration that thousands of people are waiting for on social networks, since a few months ago the two Mexicans confirmed that they would make a recording and together.

Within the world of internet celebrities, video leaking has become popular; this with the aim of going viral and thus gaining more followers. In Babo’s case, together with the Santa Cartel, he created an explicit video for the release of a song.

The song “Think of me” by the Mexican has two versions, a video clip whose video premiered exclusively on Onlyfans, this because it contained images of nudity and relationships.

The other censored version remains available on YouTube, however, the song achieved international popularity thanks to its strategy and, in addition, many chose to pay the subscription on the ‘blue platform‘ to be able to watch the banned video.

Thanks to the success behind the two videos, other artists chose to do the same. For example, Santa Fe Klan, who released the single ‘You know’ with Karely Ruiz. Like Babo, this single has two music videos; In one you can see intimate images of the Santa Fe Klan with Ruiz.

Now, a few weeks ago Karely confirmed the rumors that have circulated through his social networks. The Mexican assured that she would collaborate with Babo for a song and video.

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Has Karely and Babo’s collaboration come out yet?

Although there is speculation on the internet that it is already available, so far neither of the two has confirmed that the collaboration between the two is already on the internet and on Onlyfans.

In addition, a few hours ago, Ruiz reported that her Instagram account was disabled, and therefore, the Mexican has not promoted that the video is published on her account.

It should be noted that to watch the video, it is mandatory to pay a subscription to Karely’s and also Babo’s account, since as on other occasions, it will be an exclusive recording.

On the other hand, it is possible that parts of the explicit video are leaked on social networks despite the fact that on several occasions, legal action is taken for those who distribute the video.

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