Video of Petro’s daughter: she comes out crying and is booed in the Colombia vs Brazil match; the president exploded on social networks

The youngest daughter of the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, 15-year-old Antonella experienced an uncomfortable moment in the match against Brazil for the qualifiers.

The youngest daughter of President Gustavo Petro, Antonella, who was barely 15 years old, experienced an uncomfortable moment in the Colombia vs Brazil match for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

And before the start of the game, a considerable part of fans, made up of 40 thousand people, instead of encouraging the coffee team decided to boo president Gustavo Petro.

This unusual turn ended up affecting Antonella Petro, since although she tried to hold back her tears, she could not do so and chose to leave the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla with deep sadness.

They shouted outside Petro in the Barranquilla stadium. Photo: Courtesy

In the images you can see the young woman heading to the exit, while some fans continue with the chants, Antonella could not contain her indignation and ended up responding with an emphatic ‘madrazo’.

At the end of the viral recording, Gustavo Petro’s daughter is seen shedding tears while insulting the people in the stands, this after not being able to contain herself.

The video quickly went viral on different social networks, especially on X, formerly known as Twitter, where Juan José Lafaurie said: “Apparently Petro’s daughter does not like Colombians expressing their disagreement with her father’s disastrous government.“.

Response from Gustavo Petro

Faced with the criticism and ridicule directed at his youngest daughter, President Gustavo Petro used social networks to classify all those people who booed Antonella as ‘cowards’.

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My 15-year-old daughter had to leave the Barranquilla stadium. Leading the opposition chant against her, a minor woman. Cowards“said the president in response to a user on X.

In the same way, Petro took the opportunity to send a message to deny a news story and to call those who verbally attacked his daughter in last night’s game ‘brave’.

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