Video of Ricardo López, what is the recording about and why is it difficult to find it?

Discover the truth behind Ricardo López’s video and all the details of this Uruguayan who died as a result of his obsession with the singer Björk.

Ricardo López’s video is one of the most searched currently on social networks, this is because the story behind this young man of Uruguayan origin, who had an extreme obsession with the singer Björk, has become known on the Internet.

Ricardo López’s recordings date back to the 90s, when the lonely young man recorded his descent into madness. All this with a camera that he bought on January 14, 1996, the last year of his life.

López was born on January 14, 1974 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He had a brother, he was middle class and when he was little he went to live in Georgia, United States, due to economic issues that affected his family.

According to information given by the police and also by his relatives, Ricardo was always a lonely young man, who suffered from bullying at school due to a diagnosis and a syndrome visible in his appearance.

At the age of 10, López was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome, which affected him for the rest of his life.

Beyond his syndrome, Ricardo had serious mental problems, which led him to become compulsively and abnormally obsessed with the singer Björk, with whom the Uruguayan was completely in love.

However, this obsession would be the reason that would end his life, and unfortunately, the young man left a record of his madness on video. These recordings were later leaked on the internet. It is speculated that the authorities themselves would reveal them.

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What is Ricardo López’s video about?

It should be noted that there is not only one video of López, but that for an entire year the young man recorded video diaries and it all began on January 14, 1996, when he bought a camera.

First the recordings contained Ricardo talking about his problems, however, over time a change was seen in López’s behavior, as he did disturbing things in front of the camera.

As the months passed, Ricardo fell into complete madness, and everything reached its epitome when he discovered that Björk and the producer ‘Goldie’ were a couple. This generated anger in the young man, who decided to make a bomb package for the singer.

For months he devised his evil and disturbing plan and finally on September 12, 1996, López left the package in the mail for the artist to open. Upon returning home, Ricardo would record his last video, with the intention of taking his own life without answering for the consequences of the bomb sent.

Fortunately, the package never reached the singer, however, the authorities found the lifeless body of Ricardo López, who had died by his own hand in his apartment. The camera continued recording.

López’s videos are still available on the internet, however they contain strong images and have been censored on social networks and various platforms.

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