VIDEO: With construction tools, this is how Hondurans celebrate independence in the United States

A group of Hondurans do not forget their roots and held their own national parade in the United States.

The video was published on liz_cedillo’s TikTok account, where it shows how a group of catrachos, dedicated to construction, celebrated the independence of Honduras this September 15.

“September 15 in the USA,” says the video description.

In the recording, you can see how citizens are parading in single file, as if they were part of the national holidays in Honduras.

At the head of the line is the citizen with a bucket, simulating a drum, then an abandoned person, a man who does the palillonas steps and a ‘cadet’ to finish.

This, with the rhythm of the background song Kjarkas – Llorando Se Fue.

Although it is not indicated in which city in the United States the video was taken, it received various applause from compatriots and accumulated more than 800 thousand views on the Chinese application.

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