Top 7 Effective Ways to Clean a Mousepad [With Photos]

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Mousepads are essential for your desk if you use a computer or laptop. But they can become grimy and covered in dust and dirt if not regularly cleaned. Over time, your mouse pad can get gross and dirty. So you need to know how to clean a mousepad?

Since the average desk has over 20,000 germs per square inch, you don’t want more dirt in your work area. Fortunately, cleaning a mousepad is easy! Cleaning a mousepad is essential to keeping your workspace tidy and functional. 

In this blog post, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for cleaning your mousepad and keeping it looking like new. We will provide detailed instructions on adequately cleaning a mousepad so that it looks and works like new again. 

Types of Mouse Pads

Before we get into the steps and process, we must know that many different kinds of mouse pads are on the market. Here’s what you might find.

  • RGB mousepad
  • Gaming mousepad
  • Razer mousepad
  • Logitech mousepad
  • Steelseries mousepad

Even though there are other brands and types, these are the most common. Luckily, the ways may only be slightly different.

Step-by-Step Video Guide: How to Clean Your Mouse Pad?

Gather Supplies

How to Clean a Mousepad

Before starting to clean your mousepad, it is essential first to gather all the supplies you will need. These can include a bowl, warm water, mild cleanser, a microfibre cloth, a soft cloth, a sponge, and some fabric detergent. Make sure to have enough supplies for the size of your mousepad. Once you have all the supplies gathered together, you are ready to start cleaning your mousepad.

Scrub Mousepad with Brush

How to Clean a Mousepad

Scrubbing your mousepad with a brush is a great way to remove any dirt and debris that may have built up on the surface. Using a soft brush or sponge, gently scrub the mousepad in circular motions to remove dirt and grime. Pay attention if the mousepad is beginning to fray or fall apart. 

Pour Dish Soap on Mousepad

How to Clean a Mousepad

For the first step in cleaning your mousepad, pour a small drop of dish soap onto one corner of the pad. You don’t need to use a lot, just enough to create a foamy lather. Once the dish soap is on the mousepad, use your fingers to gently spread it around and get into all the little crevices. Doing this will help loosen any dirt and debris stuck on the pad. Work the dish soap into the pad until you have a nice lather for maximum cleaning power.

Add Soap or Shampoo to Mousepad

How to Clean a Mousepad

Adding soap or shampoo to your mousepad is an effective way to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. For most cloth pads, a gentle shampoo or hand soap will suffice. If you opt for shampoo, ensure it is gentle and not too harsh, as it could damage the pad’s surface. Simply squirt shampoo or soap onto the mousepad and scrub with a damp sponge or cloth. This should help remove any dirt and grime accumulated on the pad. 

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Scrub Your Mousepad with a Soft Cloth

How to Clean a Mousepad

Once the mousepad has added soap or shampoo, it’s time to scrub it with a soft cloth. Use gentle circular motions to scrub the entire surface of the mousepad, making sure to get into all the crevices. Remember to rinse any remaining soap or shampoo from the mousepad before drying it off! Use a clean cloth not to transfer dirt or dust onto the pad as you scrub.

Rinse Mousepad with Warm Water

How to Clean a Mousepad

Once the mousepad has been scrubbed and cleaned, it’s time to rinse it off. The best way to do this is by filling a sink or basin with warm water. Depending on whether the mousepad’s dirty, you may need to add a bit of dish soap or shampoo to the water to help remove any stubborn dirt or grime. Once the mousepad has been completely submerged in the warm water, gently agitate it until any remaining soap or shampoo is removed. After that, rinse off the mousepad with clean cold water until all of the soap and shampoo have been removed. Finally, please remove the mousepad and gently squeeze out any excess water before drying it with a soft cloth.

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Pat Dry with a Towel

How to Clean a Mousepad

Now that everything is clean dab your mouse pad with a towel. Then, let it dry or put it next to a fan to remove any moisture. Don’t use your mouse pad again for the rest of the day because water could hurt your mouse or computer.

All done! This method works for any mouse pad, whether you use it to play games or work in an office. This method can also clean a mouse pad with a place to rest your wrist.

Only a tech mouse pad, like one with a portable charger or LED lights, is an exception. Technology and water never get along.

How to Clean an RGB Mousepad?

The way to clean a wired RGB mousepad is a bit different. Here, you’ll need to be more careful not to break any electrical parts.

What You’ll Need

  • Dish soap or shampoo
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Towel

Steps to Follow

  • Before you clean the mouse pad, unplug it and move it away from other electronics.
  • Pour a small drop of dish soap or shampoo on a corner of a microfiber cloth and then dip it in warm water.
  • Ensure you squeeze and wring out the cloth, so water doesn’t get into any ports.
  • Use the cloth to clean every spot on the surface of the mousepad.
  • Wash the soap off the microfiber cloth by rinsing it.
  • Now, use the damp cloth to clean the mouse pad of the soap.
  • Once the mousepad is clean, put it on a towel to dry.

How to Clean an Apple Mousepad?

Apple computers have a unique mousepad or hand track that goes with them. They said to use a wipe that kills germs as long as it doesn’t contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol are OK if they don’t get into the product’s pores.

You can also wipe the mousepad with white vinegar on a cloth. Don’t put the product directly on the mousepad or in water. Use a material or wipe it every time.

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How to Clean SteelSeries Mousepad?

SteelSeries has several gaming mouse pads that are great. But they are a little different from some of the ones above. You should read this part to clean a big or small mousepad. The process is different because most of their mouse pads are made of fabric (except for the RGB and non-wireless ones). Make sure to check your work twice.

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What You’ll Need

  • A towel or a microfiber cloth
  • Warm water
  • Gentle dish soap
  • A dish brush or a toothbrush

Steps to Follow

  • Put warm water and a medium amount of dish soap in a large bowl or sink. The soap can be moved around to make suds and mix the solution.
  • Pull out the fabric mousepad and add more dish soap to the top. Since it is wet, you can put it on a towel.
  • Scrub the soap around with your brush to remove dirt on the mousepad. If the mousepad is coming apart, you should pay attention. You might be trying too hard to clean. It could also be because the materials cost less.
  • To get the soap off the mousepad, empty the sink or bowl and fill it with warm water. Take it out and ring it without damaging the mousepad. Get as much water as possible out of the cloth. Lastly, let it dry on the towel in the air.
  • Depending on the fabric, this can take a while. This is the same way to clean a giant mouse pad, but it may take longer to dry than a small one.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mousepad?

How often you clean your mouse pad depends significantly on how often you use it. If you work in an office, you should try to clean your mouse pad at least three or four times a year.

In extreme situations, you should, of course, make that number bigger. You never know when you’ll spill your coffee or drop your mouse pad.

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What Causes Your Mousepad to Get Dirty?

Think about what you use an RGB mousepad for. You move your hand and wrist over the pad and roll your mouse up and down it. Even the cleanest people will have things like dead skin and dirt built up on their hands occasionally. Even just holding and using a mouse makes your hand and wrist sweat. This means that over time, the mousepad absorbs your sweat.

Plus, your mouse can get all kinds of dirt and debris stuck under it, and every time you move it, that dirt will move around the mousepad. So, you now know why a mousepad that has been used repeatedly has become dirty and grimy.

Even snacking or drinking soda near your mousepad can make it dirty. You might be surprised at how easy it is to get stains, dirt, and even ash from a cigarette on the mousepad. As you use your pad, this gets increasingly baked into it. This makes it harder for your mouse to move around. You’ll want to do everything you can to avoid that problem.

We suggest you try cleaning your mousepad using our tips and tricks.

Is it Safe to Wash a Mousepad?

Most mousepads have two parts: a cloth top and a rubber or rubber-like base. Most of the time, the cloth is made of polyester, nylon, or microfiber, which can all be cleaned with soap and water. Rubber is, of course, waterproof by nature.

Most mousepads are made of materials that can be cleaned with water, so they are safe to wash. You can also put them in a washing machine without worrying. We can see why the thought scares you, but many PC users have put their cloth-and-rubber mousepads through the washing machine without any problems. SteelSeries and Glorious Gaming PC both say that their pads that don’t have electronics are safe to put in the machine. Don’t use hot water or put them in the dryer, as heat can quickly ruin rubber.

In other words, you can safely clean most mousepads with soap and water. The only time this isn’t true is when the mousepad is made of an unusual material, is very hard, or has electronics or RGB lights.

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Cleaning your mousepad is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. With the right supplies and cleaning techniques, you can keep your mousepad looking new for years. Rinse it with warm water and soap-water solution, scrub it with a soft bristle brush and dry it with a soft cloth. With proper care, you can keep your mousepad looking great and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to Clean a Mousepad

What is the best way to clean a mousepad?

We recommend very strongly that you wash your mousepad by hand. Doing it by hand makes you less likely to hurt your mouse pad. A washing machine can handle a limited number of mouse pads, such as those made of certain materials that look like cloth and those that don’t have custom designs printed on them.

Is it OK to wash a mousepad?

Put your mousepad in the washing machine with a bit of soap or mild detergent, and put a little soap or mild detergent in the water. Put the washer on low tumble and cold. Never use hot water because the heat could damage the rubber backing.

What is the best way to pack my mousepad for travel?

Even if the mousepad is made of fabric, protecting it from other things in a backpack or suitcase is always a good idea. You can buy a case for your laptop or iPad and put it in this clean area. Some companies may even use their gaming mousepads to make unique cases.

How do you clean a cloth mousepad?

You can wash cloth mouse pads by hand or in a washing machine. However, you should always be gentle when you clean your cloth pad. When you pass by hand, use light shampoos and soaps; use mild detergents when you wash in a machine. Always use cold water to clean a cloth mousepad instead of hot or warm water.

When should you clean your mousepads?

You should wash your mousepad a few times a year or whenever it gets filthy. If you pass your pad every few months, it won’t get too dirty over time, even if you use it daily. If something gets spilled on the pad, it should be cleaned immediately to prevent stains.

Can You Put a Mousepad in a Dryer?

If you want to dry a soft or fabric mouse pad, it’s best not to use a clothes dryer. Since a dryer works using heat, it can damage the rubber backing of the pad. Using a towel or letting a fabric mouse pad air dry over time is the safest way to dry it. You might want to buy a second mouse pad if you need to use one in the meantime.

Are gaming mouse pads washable?

If your pad is made of polyester, nylon, foam, or rubber, you can wash it in the machine. If your pad is made of different materials or has a custom design printed on it, using a washer could damage the materials and the design. But none of the pads should be put in the dryer.

Can I wash my mousepad with Dawn dish soap?

Mix warm water with a drop or two of mild dish soap in a small bowl or cup, like Dawn. Dip a small brush into the cleaning solution, like a toothbrush or mini cleaning brush. Then, use the brush to scrub the mouse pad. This should get rid of stains, oils, and bacteria. Rinse the mouse pad well to remove any soap left on it.

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