‘Views Ke Liye Kuch Bhi!’: YouTuber Armaan Malik faces backlash for carrying a newborn in a duffel bag

In the relentless pursuit of views and fame online, some YouTubers resort to outrageous and outlandish acts to captivate their audience. From dangerous stunts to controversial jokes, his relentless desire for attention often overrides ethical considerations.

Unfortunately, this click-based culture can have serious consequences, endangering creators and impressionable viewers who seek entertainment at all costs.

A popular YouTuber, Armaan Malik, recently sparked controversy with a video showing him and his wife carrying their newborn son in a duffel bag. The video went viral on social media, drawing strong backlash from viewers.

Concerns about baby safety and parenting practices in the digital age have dominated discussions surrounding the video, with some criticizing Armaan for being irresponsible and others suggesting the reaction is overdone.

The video garnered more than 1.4 million views and sparked a debate about child safety regulations.


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Viewers concerned about the newborn baby’s safety and well-being left negative comments on the YouTuber’s video. One user expressed concern about the development of the baby’s brain, noting that it takes time for the brain to mature in the first six months of life.

Others criticized the YouTuber for engaging in such activities and suggested focusing on fun or educational content.


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These incidents serve as a reminder of the potential risks associated with seeking attention through extreme acts and the importance of responsible content creation, especially when it comes to the well-being of vulnerable people, such as children.

YouTuber Armaan Malik has a unique family structure, married to Payal Malik and Kritika Malik.

She recently welcomed three children into her family, she has twins from her first marriage and a son from her second marriage.


The unconventional arrangement attracted attention when Armaan married Kritika, who happened to be Payal’s best friend, without obtaining a divorce from Payal, sparking conversations within the community.

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