Vijay Antony Bio, Net Worth, Daughters Suicides, Wife, Family, Son

Check details about Vijay Antony Bio, Net Worth, Daughters Suicides, Wife, Family and Son in this article. Various details about Vijay Antony Bio, Net Worth, Daughters Suicides, Wife, Family, Son and other notable details are included in this article.

Vijay Antonio Biography

Vijay Antony is a well-known music composer, actor, editor, playback singer, lyricist, filmmaker and audio engineer working mainly in Tamil cinema. Vijay’s real name is Frances Antony Cyril Raja and he was born on July 24, 1975 in Kanyakumari district.

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When Vijay started his career in the Tamil film industry, he initially changed his name to Agni. However, SA Chandrashekhar changed his name to Vijay, saying that Agni was unlucky. Vijay, as an actor, has appeared in films like Salim, Yaman, Pichaikkaran 2, Kaali, etc.

Vijay Antony Biography Overview

Name Antonio Vijay
Real name Frances Antony Cyril Raja
place of birth Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district.
Birthdate July 24, 1975
Nationality Indian
Profession Music composer, director, singer, actor, playback singer, audio engineer, producer, lyricist, dubbing artist
Wife Fatima Vijay Antonio
Daughters Meera and Lara
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Vijay Antony Net Worth

Vijay initially worked as a sound engineer. After finishing college, Vijay opened an audio studio and worked as a sound engineer. Additionally, Vijay also composed some jingles for various advertisements and background scores for television shows.

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Vijay debuted as a music composer in 2005 when he composed for the film Sukran. Furthermore, Vijay played a cameo in Kizhakku Kadalkarai Salai, which released in 2006. Therefore, Vijay has a significant amount of net worth as he is into many professions. However, the actual figures of Vijay’s net worth are not currently available.

Suicides of Vijay Antony’s daughter

Vijay’s daughter Meera recently died after committing suicide. Meera was reportedly 16 years old and studying in a private school in Chennai. Meera was found hanging in her room around 3am by her father and she was immediately rushed to a hospital. However, when doctors examined her, they reported her death.

Authorities are conducting further investigations into this matter. Furthermore, it was reported that Meera was under a lot of stress and this led her to take this extreme step. Vijay and his entire family are in shock after this incident.

Vijay Antony’s career

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from St. Xavier’s College, Vijay enrolled in Loyola’s Visual Communications course. During this time, Vijay also worked part-time and trained in sound engineering at a studio.

Although Vijay made several cameos and special appearances in different films, his first role as a lead actor was in Naan (2012). Furthermore, Vijay also played a lead role in his sequel Salim, which released in 2014. Both films were hits. Since then, Vijay has played lead roles and done many successful Tamil films.

Vijay Antonio Wife

Vijay Antony’s wife is Fatima, who works as a producer in Tamil Cinema. Fatima and Vijay got married in 2006 and have two daughters: Meera and Lara. One of his daughters, Meera, committed suicide and died on September 19.

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Fatima has produced films including Naan, Yaman, India Pakistan, Salim, Annadurai, etc. Fatima also owns the production company: Vijay Antony Film Corporation. She will soon be provided more information about Vijay and his family.

Vijay Antonio Family

Vijay’s family includes his wife and two daughters. Vijay’s father died when he was only 7 years old. According to information, Vijay’s great-grandfather is Samuel Vedanayagam Pillai. Samuel was a famous author and writer who wrote Prathapa Mudaliar Charithram, known as the first modern Tamil novel.

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Vijay lives with his wife and daughter in Chennai. In 2009, Vijay became the first Indian to win the Golden Lion at Cannes. He won this award for Nakka Mukka. This song became quite famous and was even played at the Cricket World Cup (2011).

Vijay Antonio Jr.

Vijay Antony has no children. Apart from the film industry, Vijay also composed music for some television shows including Chinna Papa Periya Papa, Kettimelam, Megala, Kana Kaanum Kaalangal, Malargal, etc.

Vijay has been credited as editor of four films: Pichaikkaran 2, Annadurai, Thimiru Pudichavan and Kodiyil Oruvan. Vijay also sang songs for films including Sukran, A Aa E Ee, Rasikkum Seemane, Vedi, Sattam Oru Iruttarai, Nayyapudai, Devarattam and many other films.

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