Violent confrontation caught on camera: UP man beats up Golgappa vendor in viral video

On the bustling streets of Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, an unexpected incident has captured the attention of netizens across the country.

A peculiar mugging involving a street vendor and a customer over a seemingly trivial matter has gone viral, shedding light on the challenges small businesses face in urban settings. This is what happened:

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UP man fights with Golgappa vendor

Viral Video Captures Man Attacking Golgappa VendorIndia today

An assault in the Hamirpur area of ​​Uttar Pradesh has gone viral due to its peculiar circumstances.

A video circulating on social media shows a customer attacking a street vendor selling five golgappe for ten rupees. Instead, the customer’s request for seven golgappe turned into a heated confrontation between him and the vendor.

When the customer, identified as Kishor Kumar, physically picked up the seller, Ram Sevak, and started punching him in the middle of the street, the fight took a cinematic turn. A bystander caught the incident on camera in central Hamirpur, near Akil Tiraha.

The police are still looking for the culprit


After the video went viral, the Hamirpur police launched an investigation. Before the police arrived, Kishor Kumar was able to leave the area. As a result, the images helped officials identify him and they are currently searching for him.

It is worth noting that the Akil Tiraha neighborhood in Hamirpur has a history of such incidents due to the presence of wrongdoers. This recent attack highlights the need for the region to improve surveillance and security measures.

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Ram Sevak, the victim, has not filed a formal complaint with the police, citing his unwillingness to initiate legal proceedings. The incident serves as a reminder of the difficulties street vendors and small businesses face when operating in congested urban environments.

The incident, captured in a circulating video, shows the intense confrontation that developed between a customer and a golgappa seller. This altercation not only took a dramatic turn but also drew attention to the need to increase surveillance and security measures in the area.

As the incident gains attention, authorities have launched an investigation into the matter, which has revealed broader problems facing vendors operating in densely populated neighborhoods like Akil Tiraha.

In another UP incident, a battle broke out between the two groups over clients, with one of them standing out for his henna-stained hair. Harendra, nicknamed ‘chacha’ by social media users, became fuel for memes as the most active participant in the street fight.

In the video, many men fight with sticks and rods as onlookers look on in disbelief. The battle appeared to be a scene from a 1990s Bollywood movie, and many users added dramatic music to the clip. An altered video featuring lightsabers replacing the sticks and rods also trended, giving the fight a Star Wars feel.

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